WIN an ABUS van lock kit

WIN an ABUS van lock kit

In the UK a van is broken into and tools are stolen from it every twenty minutes, costing tradespeople a staggering £100m year in total. Keeping a van secure is a constant headache as thieves become more determined and ingenious. Now ABUS, the brand that tradespeople trust for padlocks and locks, can provide a simple, robust and effective solution that is a lot simpler to use day-to-day than some of rather convoluted home-made solutions. The ABUS Vanlock is a universal hasp with an integrated 70mm high security chrome Diskus padlock. It is easy to operate with one hand due to handy frontal cylinder access and can be fitted on most double swing and sliding van doors. Most importantly, the solid metal locking case completely protects the integrated padlock.

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