WIN! A HiKOKI Power Tools UK Brushless Twin Pack Kit

WIN! A HiKOKI Power Tools UK Brushless Twin Pack Kit

HiKOKI Power Tools UK has relaunched its popular and cost effective KC18DBFL2 and 18V brushless twin pack kit with 36V Multi Volt batteries. When running at 36 Volts (V) the BSL36A18 Multi Volt batteries have a capacity of 2.5 Ampere-hours (Ah), and 5.0Ah at 18V. That means that the 36V battery packs have a capacity of more than 1,000 Watts.

The twin packs benefit from the manufacturer’s Multi Volt batteries, which are setting new standards in cordless freedom. Twin pack users not only have access to the extensive 18V range, but can now use the 36V (MV) range without having to buy new batteries. Intelligent connecting technology makes it possible for the battery pack to detect whether it is being used in an 18Vor a 36V device, and automatically adjusts the voltage.

The KC18DBFL2 18V brushless twin pack, featuring the DV18DBFL2 18V combi drill and WH18DBFL2 18V impact driver is a pack popular with trade professionals.

Your chance to WIN!

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