Tackle it with Thompsons: using Isoflex Liquid rubber and you could win a Makita radio!

Tackle it with Thompsons: using Isoflex Liquid rubber and you could win a Makita radio!

In the next instalment of our series with Thompson’s, Chris Fletcher, Technical Services Chemist for the company explains what Isoflex Liquid rubber can be used for, how to apply it and the benefits.

Liquid Rubber is a highly flexible, waterproof coating for slate, tiled and flat roofs and is ideal for making roof repairs – including sealing cracks in roofing surfaces and splits in guttering. It can also be used during construction to coat the roof and prevent water ingress.

How to apply it

The thing to remember about our Liquid Rubber offering is that it is part of a trio of products that should all be used together to ensure a quality, long-lasting finish. Once the surface has been cleaned with a stiff bristle brush to remove any moss, dust or dirt, the Special Primer should be applied (either over the area being repaired or across the whole roof surface during construction) and left to dry for four hours. The Special Primer is a tough, durable basecoat that works to ensure that the Liquid Rubber will adhere to the substrate.

Next, use a brush to apply a thick layer (at least 1mm) of Liquid Rubber. To ensure the first layer is completely dry, always allow 24 hours before applying the second coat.

Once the job is complete, the Clean Up Fluid can be used with a wet cloth to clean any accidental spills – and to remove product from brushes pour the Clean up Fluid into a tin and place the brushes into the fluid. It is recommended to leave brushes to soak for an hour before rinsing them in white spirit, to fully remove residue. It is also important to ensure that Special Primer and Liquid Rubber are still wet when cleaning as once dry, these products cannot be cleaned off of surfaces or brushes.

What are the benefits?

Impressively, Liquid Rubber is five times more flexible than traditional bitumen coatings. As it can flex with the natural movement of the roof, the product will not crack or peel over time, ensuring a long-lasting, durable finish.

What’s more, when used as part of the Isoflex system, Liquid Rubber can provide up to 20 years of protection – offering customers a long-term fix to cracks in their roofs and guttering.

To find out more about Thompson’s and its wide range of roofing products visit https://www.thompsonsweatherproofing.co.uk/roofing/


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