V-Gard system from Firestone

V-Gard system from Firestone

Firestone, the EPDM roofing system specialist, has launched V-Gard, an air & vapour control layer (AVCL) system suitable for use as part of all Firestone warm roof build-ups.

Developed to combine exceptional levels of vapour control with excellent adhesion to both the substrate and the insulation layer, V-Gard is a glass fibre-reinforced aluminium foil membrane with a self-adhesive backing. A unique film coating on the aluminium face ensures excellent compatibility with PU-adhesives and the new system has been designed for use with Firestone’s ISO twin-pack PU adhesive.

Carl Bailey, regional technical manager at Firestone, explained: “As the thermal performance of the building envelope improves, the risk of condensation affecting the insulation layer increases, unless an AVCL is installed to provide effective and permanent protection from vapour rising from within the building.

“With V-Gard we have enhanced the level of vapour control to create an AVCL that is suitable for buildings susceptible to high humidity, such as swimming pools, while ensuring excellent adhesion to both the substrate and the insulation layer and offering ease and speed of installation with a cold-applied, self-adhesive solution. As part of a high specification Firestone warm roof build-up, V-Gard will enhance the thermal performance of the building and extend the service life of the roof.”

Developed specifically for use with any Firestone EPDM warm roof build-up, V-Gard is a flexible and durable membrane with excellent resistance to foot traffic. It is suitable even for installations where there is high mechanical stress and compatible for use on most roofing substrates, including metal, concrete and wooden decks.

Firestone recommends the use of SA-19 Primer directly onto the substrate to increase tackiness and avoid contamination from dust or debris and the V-Gard is then applied by peeling back the protective layer and applying the AVCL onto the roof. Its aggressive adhesion creates a firm and permanent bond with the substrate and at the laps. Overlap markings have been printed on both edges of the V-Gard membrane for ease and integrity of installation.

Once installed, the V-Gard will provide temporary protection from rainfall for 3-4 days, enabling a part-installed roof to be left over a weekend, for example, and covered by the insulation and EPDM layers the following week.

Firestone ISO twin pack PU adhesive is then used to adhere the insulation layer to the bonded AVCL prior to installation of the RubberGard or RubberCover EPDM membrane.



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