Turning The Screw: Stop Digging

You can save yourself a “hole” lot of trouble thanks to a new type of fixing device.

Warwickshire-based company is launching a new way to install fences, decking and signposts without it claims, the need for conventional concrete foundations.

Stop Digging uses hot dip galvanized ground screws that can be used for projects ranging from temporary hoardings and timber out-buildings to shelters, terraces, and climbing frames.

According to its UK MD Darryl Gregory: “The ground screws save time and money because there’s no need for digging and concreting. Each installation is quick because each screw takes only five minutes to insert into the ground.

“The screws, which are re-useable, are corrosion-free and can be installed in any weather. There’s limited disruption as there’s no need to use heavy plant on site. It makes all jobs much easier compared to conventional concrete foundations. The potential is huge; we have seen them used for installing, flags, site protection hoardings and even gravestones,” enthuses Darryl.

The 89mm ground screw is designed to fit a Highways Agency standard 76mm post for road signs. It also goes much deeper than conventional concrete foundations, which typically need to be between 400mm and 650mm deep to meet Building Regulations.

Darryl continues: “The 865mm ground screw supports up to 600kg so that a garden room, for example, might require 15 posts – enough to support nine tonnes. The 15 ground screws can be inserted within two hours, compared to a whole day’s work digging concrete foundations.”

The parent company Sluta Grav (Swedish for Stop Digging) launched the product in Sweden in 2010 and has trebled in size every year, selling over 100,000 ground screws through a network of 54 retailers and installers across the country.

States Darryl: “The UK market is six times the size of Sweden and – because the construction season in Scandinavia is shorter due to long cold winters – we believe the UK market has great potential for our products.

“At this early stage we are planning to appoint installers throughout the UK from fencing, decking, and signpost companies as well as small house-building companies, typically employing less than 20 people.”

Further information on Stop Digging www.stop-digging.co.uk

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