Top products plasterers should have in their toolbox

Top products plasterers should have in their toolbox

Next up in our series with Makita, the team look at the products that plasterers should always have in their toolbox.

As any plasterers will know, good preparation is the key to achieving the best finish. It is therefore vital that professionals have a range of quality tools to hand that they can rely on to help deliver the best results possible.

For example, Makita’s DSL800ZU 18V LXT Brushless Drywall Sander is an essential piece of kit to tackle joins and smooth surfaces quickly. Powered by Makita’s leading 18V LXT battery technology, this machine delivers the high output needed for professional use. Its 225mm abrasive disc means users can cover large areas with ease and the telescopic pole and extension handle ensure no surface is out of reach.

For ease of use, the DSL800ZU features variable speed control so users can adjust the output to match the task at hand. What’s more, constant speed control means that output remains constant for a smooth, blemish-free finish.

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When sanding, it is vital that professionals take measures to protect themselves against inhaling harmful dust particles – as over time this can lead to serious illness. Conveniently, the DSL800ZU includes Makita’s Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) which connects the machine to compatible dust extractors like the DVC157LZX3 and DVC867LZX4 via Bluetooth. This means that when the DLS800ZU is powered on, the DVC157LZX3 or DVC867LZX4 will automatically start (and when the DLS800ZU is powered down the extractor will stop) for maximum protection.


A useful tool for plasterboard work and any essential fixes is the DFS452Z 18V Brushless Screwdriver. The DFS452Z features push drive technology, which means that the motor only starts to rotate at full speed (up to 4,000rpm) when pressure is applied to the bit and the screws are inserted into the board, ensuring maximum efficiency.


The lightweight DFS452Z has also been ergonomically designed with a soft rubber grip for comfortable operation and a useful LED job light to illuminate the work area. This machine also benefits from Makita’s brushless motor technology, which delivers the high power needed for professional use and ensures that battery life is extended. This is because there are no moving parts in the motor causing friction and as a result no energy is lost through heat production.


Finally, professionals should also add the UT1200 Paddle Mixer to their armoury. This machine can be used to effortlessly stir and mix plaster, paint or mortar and its compact and lightweight design means that users can easily transport the machine around site. It has a paddle mixer diameter of 120mm and a rated speed of up to 400rpm so it can quickly and easily mix product.


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Your toolbox checklist:

  1. Pole sander – for smoothing down surfaces to achieve a professional finish.
  2. Drywall screwdriver – ideal for fixing plasterboard with minimal effort.
  3. Paddle mixer – can be used for stirring and mixing plaster, paint and mortar.
  4. Random orbit sander – ideal for achieving a finer finish.
  5. Auto-feed screwdriver – perfect for covering larger areas quickly as screws are collated on a strip for fast, effortless fixing.


Accessories to suit the above core range:

Accessories for pole sanders and random orbit sanders

Makita has a wide range of sanding discs that are ideally suited to professional use. With a selection of grit options to choose from, it’s easy to find the right product for every job.

To ensure safety, it is vital that professionals use a dust extractor when sanding. For dry lining or gypsum products, use an L-Class extractor. Cordless models such as the DVC157LZX3 or DVC867LZX4 are ideal as they are suitable for removing gypsum-based materials. For ease, users can manually set the suction power so that it is consistent with the demands of the task. Both models have a large capacity, and the hose can be kept in the on-board storage for convenience. What’s more, the large bumper helps to protect surfaces from knocks and scratches.


Accessories for drywall screwdrivers and auto-feed screwdrivers

With a range of drywall screwdriver bits, auto-feed bits and collated screws to choose from, professionals can ensure that the right accessories are chosen to match the screwdriver and the task at hand.

Makita also offers extension handles and attachments that are compatible with its auto-feed screwdrivers, so users can comfortably work on ceilings without having to overreach. The 199146-8 auto-feed attachment can be used with a selection of Makita’s standard drywall screwdrivers to achieve the benefits of an auto-feed screwdriver using a drywall model.

Pouches and Carriers
Makita offers a wide selection of pouches and carriers to easily and safely transport tools around site. Features include tool holsters, hammer holders, screwdriver grips and knife sheaths, which are essential when working at height. The E-05131 Ultimate 2 Pocket Fixing Pouch has anti-slip webbing incorporated into the main pocket, to keep tools secure and the d-ring is ideal for hanging tools and accessories.

If more space is needed, the E-05147 Ultimate 3 Pocket Fixing Pouch is ideal. It has elastic holders inside the pocket to keep tools in place and has strong industrial stitching for extra durability and protection.

Accessories for paddle mixers

With a wide range of mixing blades to choose from, plasterers can easily find the right mixer for the job. For example, the P-02347 is specifically designed for plaster and features a 13mm hex shank for maximum efficiency. For larger quantities, the P-22012 is ideal as it has a diameter of 120mm and a length of 590mm and can mix up to 30kg.

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