Tools, Equipment, Workwear & Product Round-Up

Tools, Equipment, Workwear & Product Round-Up

“a safer, easier to use and more accurate alternative to a sledgehammer”

Roughneck Gorilla Fencing Maul

The Roughneck Gorilla Fencing Maul is ideally suited for driving wooden fencing posts and is a much safer, easier to use and more accurate alternative to a sledgehammer.

The new tool has a 4.5kg (10lb) head, cast from alloy steel and that features two large, round striking faces at either end. In addition, the head is also threaded onto the tool’s handle ensuring an extremely strong fix and making it virtually impossible for the head and handle to detach.

The handle itself is made from double injected fibre glass with a solid core and a polypropylene jacket which delivers increased shock absorbency. It also features a treble injected TPE soft-grip handle for enhanced user comfort, even after many hours of prolonged use.


“an ideal choice for sealing areas around metal taps and fixings”

UltraTileFix ProSealer

UltraTileFix ProSealer is a neutral cure silicone sealant that provides a highly flexible and water resistant seal in a variety of environments. The neutral cure technology means ProSealer is an ideal choice for sealing areas around metal taps and fixings as well as sanitary, glazing, construction and industrial applications onto ceramic, acrylic, laminate, metal, wood or glass surfaces.

Boasting a mould resistant formulation and suitable for high humidity areas, ProSealer is perfect for all kitchen and bathroom installations including sealing all types of sanitary-ware such as baths, basins, showers, toilets and glazed tile surrounds.



“designed to absorb impact energy, instead of the wearer”

Alpha Solway Ranger Helmet

Providing enhanced impact protection and comfort for workers across a wide range of industries, the award-winning Ranger helmet from Alpha Solway features the unique Crashbox protection system, created by renowned head protection manufacturer ENHA.

Crashbox is an integrated, double-walled impact absorption system located on the crown of the helmet. It is designed to absorb impact energy, instead of the wearer, in the event of an impact from above. It achieves this through specially designed cylindrical rods that drive into corresponding cylinders in a rotating motion when an impact occurs. This absorbs the energy to minimise the force on the wearer’s head.

Wider user benefits include a padded ratchet adjustment system, which is quick and easy to use with one hand, even when wearing safety gloves. Further innovations also include patented oval shaped slots on the side of the helmet which refrain from cracking should permanent pressure be applied from the attached personal protective equipment. 


“3 in 1 measuring tool for a digital age”

Stabila Tech 700 DA

More than just an angle finder, the new Stabila Tech 700 DA is three tools in one, offering quick and flexible measuring on all types of work, from carpentry and joinery to metal work, tiling and drywall building. This one quality tool is more than just a digital angle finder, it is also a bevel gauge and spirit level, making it an essential piece of kit for any tradesman’s tool box.

With an extremely high measuring range from 0 – 270°, the Tech 700 DA quickly determines and transfers interior and exterior angles, with an innovative LOCK function ensuring that angles are transferred accurately and reliably.


JSP Springfit Mask

JSP has launched the new Springfit fold flat disposable mask with a unique endoskeleton structure which guarantees each mask keeps its shape, increasing performance and maintaining rigidity. This integrated spring feature allows facial movement ensuring the mask offers a secure face fit and seal during speech or movement of the jaw.

The pioneering Typhoon valve has been designed to reduce breathing resistance, heat and moisture build-up. The valve is unaffected by any moisture, and therefore maintains high performance levels even at very low temperatures
(-40°C tested).


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