Tibby Reviews Milwaukee’s Shockwave Impact Duty Screwdriving Bits

Tibby Reviews Milwaukee’s Shockwave Impact Duty Screwdriving Bits

Tibby feels the impact of Milwaukee’s Shockwave Impact Duty Screwdriving Bits

There’s nothing worse than either a screw driving bit breaking on you or the screw becoming rounded off. I recently undertook a project in which I designed and built a wooden canopy.

The whole structure was held together using large screws, which left me no choice but to use an impact driver during the construction.

I usually try to avoid the use of an impact driver, as they can quickly and easily chew up the bits. You could end up getting through a packet of Pozi bits before you know it, and it then becomes an expensive job.

However, Milwaukee’s New Shockwave Impact Duty Screwdriving Bits have been designed for this. These bits on the end of an impact driver help you drive screws into the material, like nails using a nail gun, with ease.

01 IMG_2201bThey eliminate the chances of stripping or slipping off the screw.

I usually prefer to drill pilot holes to assist the screws through the material, but that’s not required with these bits.

The screws can be driven home just as easy without taking the time to drill pilot holes, which has the potential to save you a lot of time and, in turn, money.

It is also evident that a lot of time and money has been spent in the production of these long Milwaukee bits, available in 50mm and 90mm.

They have been designed to absorb the shock from the impact driver and therefore minimize the chances of them breaking.

This is partly due to the Shock Zone, which reduces stress at the tip. The forged tips are precisely milled to perfectly fit into, and grip, the screw head.

This reduces the chances of the cam out effect and stripping. They have also been manufactured with Milwaukee’s custom metal formula, providing hardness and making them more resistant to impact from shock.

All combined, the design aspects, and manufacturing processes involved in the making of these Shockwave Impact Duty bits enables them to act like springs and extend their life.

Milwaukee has certainly produced something that will see a variety of tradesmen through from the start to finish of many different jobs.


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