TeknosPro develops range for public spaces

TeknosPro develops range for public spaces

TeknosPro has developed its Timantti portfolio for use in public spaces.

The Timantti range includes a primer, special acrylates, a moisture sealer and wall paint.  Timantti Clean is for maintaining the antibacterial efficiency of surfaces, for use in hospitals, nurseries and other areas where optimum hygiene levels are essential.

The paint works by using active ingredient BioCote in order to prevent the multiplication of harmful bacteria cells. This silver phosphate glass antimicrobial technology ensures that the entire paint film is active. It is touch dry within one hour and can be used in dry, humid and wet spaces. Once the paint has been applied, surfaces can be washed repeatedly without resulting in degradation.

This is a water-borne acrylate dispersion paint for indoor use and the Timantti range contains all additional products needed to tailor application to the environment. Humid areas and wet rooms can be initially primed with Timantti W moisture sealer and the Timantti 3 Primer has been produced for use on interior walls and galvanized surfaces.


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