Professional Builder digs into the full range of JCB mini excavators

Professional Builder digs into the full range of JCB mini excavators

Small contractors, housebuilders, plant hirers, and landscapers can all benefit from JCB’s range of compact excavators. Specific hallmarks of the machines include spacious cabs featuring ergonomic, easy to operate controls – along with impressive performance, safety, noise levels, efficiency, and serviceability.

Micro excavators

There are two models in the Micro range: the 8008 CTS and the 8010 CTS. Both bring performance to the most restricted areas, including within buildings and in rear gardens. Yet they are some of the most powerful machines of their size on the market, increasing productivity.

The 8008 CTS has an operating weight of 950kg. It boasts a 9kW engine, an extending undercarriage from 700mm to 865mm, with what is described as class-leading dig depth and reach. The tubular boom design keeps weight down and has enabled JCB to route hoses through it, giving them added protection against damage on site. A choice of rear or front-mounted TOPS also means weight and swing radius can be minimised without compromising safety.

The 8010 CTS comes with a 13.8kW engine and an extending undercarriage that provides from 700mm to 1,000mm width for a heavier and broader footprint when needed. Weighing in at 1,110kg, its increased digging forces result in higher productivity and allows for the use of larger attachments.

1.5-2.0 tonne Compact Excavators

JCB’s new generation of 1-2 tonne mini excavators are designed with a simple, classic design to deliver performance with reduced running costs.

Available diesel models include the 16C-1, 18Z-1, 19C-1, 19C-1 Proportional Controlled and 19C-1 Electric. Each is available with ROPS/TOPS compliant canopy or cab with transport weights spanning from 1,545kg for the 16C-1 with canopy through to 1,849kg for the cabbed 19C-1 PC. They are powered by the Perkins 403J-07 diesel engine, which is Stage V compliant, without needing a DPF or AdBlue.

These durable, low maintenance, compact machines feature 500-hour greasing intervals, 100% steel body panels and a cast rear counterweight. 100% flat cab glass gives excellent visibility and is easily replaced in the event of damage. In addition, a 2GO hydraulic isolation system prevents accidental machine movements while a lift overload warning system on the 19C-1 PC ensures maximum stability and safety.

They are joined in this weight class by the 19C-1E – the world’s first electric mini excavator – with zero exhaust emissions at point of use and considerably quieter than a standard machine. Four lithium-ion batteries provide 20kWh of energy storage – enough for full working shift for the majority of mini excavator customers on a single charge. The machine has been a huge success, with the manufacturer celebrating production of its 1,000th 19C-1E in December 2022.

2.0-2.9 tonne Compact Excavators

The largest sub-3-tonne machines in the range are the 8025 ZTS and the 8026 CTS – offering customers zero or conventional tailswing to suit the application. Fully ROPS/TOPS compliant cab or canopy can be specified on either model. Both machines are powered by an 18.9kW Stage V engine which combines performance and fuel efficiency, delivering 97.9Nm of torque at just 1400rpm.

With transport weights of 2,578kg and 2,598kg respectively for canopy variants and 2,678kg and 2,698kg with cabs, both the 8025 ZTS and 8026 CTS models are light enough to tow behind a 3,500kg towing capacity vehicle. They also feature JCB’s unique 2GO safety system, fitted as standard, which requires the operator to press a secondary acknowledgement switch before the controls become active to avoid accidental operation.

High-strength track legs boast three-piece fabrication to maximise rigidity and improve track retention and for easy maintenance, there are a wide opening service access panels are supported with gas struts, to give greater access for daily checks.

Proven pedigree

From its production facilities in Cheadle, Staffordshire, JCB Compact Products manufactures a range of productive, and reliable machines. Proven in the UK’s construction sector, these micro and mini excavators in the sub-3-tonne sector are no exception. For effective fleet management, the LiveLink telematics system is available as an option – providing performance, security and emissions data – and each machine is backed by an extensive UK dealer network and parts availability.

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