Joint, Skim and Fill range from Toupret

Joint, Skim and Fill range from Toupret

Toupret has a new product range: the Joint, Skim & Fill system.

The products are easy-to-use and create a cohesive product range for expert painters and decorators, whilst also having the kind of usability that will appeal to general builders and maintenance staff.

‘Better results in less time’ is the tagline for the range, which is designed with trades in mind. The Quick Dry products in the range are ready for overpainting in just three hours.

All of the jointing products in the range, including Quick Dry, are CE approved and conform to the all-important BS EN 13963 for jointing materials for plasterboard. For normal applications they require just one coat, remove the need for spot-priming and are excellent for surface finishing, filling or plasterboard jointing.

The Patch & Repair additions to the range provide a hardy backline for preparation work, whether filling significant gaps or smoothing over cracks.

This range’s performance is said to save time on the job by reducing on problems significantly. Shrinkage or re-filling are not regular concerns, whilst flashing and grinning are not a problem, so spot priming is all but done away with. All products are easy to mix, apply and to sand.

There are nine products in the Joint, Skim & Fill range: Joint, Skim & Fill in 5kg and 10kg bags; Joint, Skim & Fill Quick Dry in 5kg and 10kg bags; Joint and Skim in 20kg ready to use buckets; and Patch & Repair Filler Quick Dry in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg bags, as well as standard Patch & Repair Filler in a 1.5kg tub.

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