Integrated PV system from Marley

Integrated PV system from Marley

Marley has launched its MarleySolarTile range.

The integrated photovoltaics (PV) system is said to offer easy installation coupled with energy cost savings.

The range comprises three low-profile PV16 solar panels for roof integration. Each is available in a range of power output and styles.  The range covers the Monocrystalline – black 320Wp, the Monocrystalline – black 300Wp and the Polycrystalline – black 270Wp.

Marley SolarTile comes with all the components, including fixings, to allow installers to complete the job without delay and without the need for additional third-party products. Colour coded boxes and a clear installation guide make it easy to see the order that sections need to be fitted.  The patented connection of simply pushing the panels together to create a weather-tight and secure fixing means installation times of below one hour per kilowatt-peak can be achieved.

The integrated solar panels are also highly applicable for retrofit projects. Simply removing a patch of tiles and installing the solar panels leaves spare, perfectly matched tiles available for any future roof repairs.

Marley SolarTile also offers versatility and can be fitted in both tiled and slate roof applications and is compatible with all core roof covering products, providing ultimate flexibility across all projects.

With double fixing to battens and trusses there is no requirement for counter battens ensuring no additional material costs and time saving on site.

Furthermore, as the range integrates with the full Marley roof system and all tile types, contractors can also benefit from the reassurance of Marley’s 15-year guarantee when Marley SolarTile is installed as part of its complete roof system.

The range also provides exceptional wind resistance performance making it suitable for installation in all locations and the outstanding resistance against wind uplift delivers industry leading performance, with the highest rated wind loading of any roof integrated PV system on the market.

Marley’s Stuart Nicholson said: “According to the Energy Savings Trust, a typical home could save between 1.3 and 1.6 tonnes of carbon per year, a saving of up to £260 on the annual electricity bill, by installing solar panels.  And, with more than 200 leading UK businesses recently signing an open letter to Government calling for an environmental improvement agenda post Covid-19, demand for reliable and high performing alternative solar panel solutions is expected to increase, providing a new potential revenue stream for contractors.”

“Backed by a 15-year system guarantee as part of a Marley roof system, the Marley SolarTile range achieves exceptional fire performance, wind resistance and weather tightness and is the perfect answer for any potential solar roof vision.”



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