Health and safety products – October 2021

Health and safety products – October 2021


Featuring anti-scratch, fog free, new lens colours, and new magnification features, Milwaukee’s Safety Glasses are also equipped with comfortable temple arms for extended wear. There’s yellow, grey or tinted lens options, with grey providing brightness protection and yellow absorbing the potential harmful UV rays from blue light.


Delivering up to 27,000 lumens of task and area lighting, the battery-powered and cordless Milwaukee MX Fuel Tower Light is a genuinely portable solution. The telescopic unit can be set up in seconds, features outriggers for levelling, with a maximum mast height of 3.1m which then collapses back down to 1.2m for easy transportation and storage.


Give your workday working clothes a good foundation with Snickers Workwear and its ‘Climate Control’ clothing. The high-tech breathable fabrics, 37.5 ventilating technology and odour-reducing merino wool in its Baselayer solutions are designed to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, with quick drying, lightweight fabrics as standard.


Stretch your visibility with Snickers Workwear and its Hi-Vis collection. There’s jackets, trousers, shorts, toolvests, shirts and fleeces in the LITEWork, FLEXIWork, AllroundWork and ProtecWork families – which satisfy the specific requirements of Classes 1, 2 and 3 protection levels, and conform to the EN20471 standard for high visibility warning clothes.


It’s the combination of Kneeguard pads and the Kneeguard PRO positioning system in Snickers Workwear’s trousers that delivers reliable knee protection. In order to ensure correct positioning, the kneepads can be adjusted to different heights within the trousers’ kneepad pockets. There’s also different types of Kneepads to fit different types of trousers to suit different jobs on site.


Keep your hands comfortable and protected with Snickers Workwear and its extensive collection of Work Glove styles. Designed for dexterity, durability, comfort and precision, there a wide range of sizes, with individual gloves developed for different workplaces and tasks. In addition, special patterns, vents and ribs – combined with durable materials – deliver cut-protection, ventilation, waterproofing and insulation.


The JSP EVOGuard Industrial range comprises five high performance clear visors for use with EVOGuard browguard systems and EVO helmets. The visors offer facial coverage without limiting movement, with a wraparound design providing a panoramic view with minimal distortion. Choosing from a range of five enables users to select the right option for their task.


One of the major updates on the new DC Tromb Turbo from Dustcontrol UK is the three-phase turbo motor that has been designed specifically to target heavy-duty cleaning. The unit is suitable for extraction from grinders, jackhammers and saws, whilst a simpler filter change has also been included for easier and quicker removal.


Water resistant but light and non-greasy, the LifeJacket range is, according to the manufacturer, perfect for builders. The products include daily moisturisers and two SPF Sun Gels in SPF 30 and 50+, as well as convenient sachet packs. The company also offers a range of high-quality UPF 50+ clothing to combat the fact that a white cotton t-shirt only provides the equivalent of SPF 5.

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