Four advantages to Solidor doors

Four advantages to Solidor doors

Whether you are building new homes or renovating older properties, here are four reasons to consider fitting a front door from Solidor.



  • Kerb appeal

As well as installing a door that your customer loves, at some point in the future, they may want to sell their current home and kerb appeal is so important when putting a property on the market. Update the front doors with a stylish and secure solution and it’s a win for you as a builder and your customer who may eventually want to sell that home.

  • Safety is always vital

The days of everyone leaving their doors unlocked are long gone, and the front door now plays an important part in securing a property. Solidor composite doors are made with a solid timber core of 48 mm and have Secured by Design accreditation. This Solidor was fitted by Interseal who are a window, door and conservatory specialist based in Plymouth.


  • Minimal maintenance

One of the key selling points of a door like those from Solidor is the fact that they require very little maintenance. As a builder, you can reassure your customers that these doors offer a low-maintenance solution. Unless they have a staff the size of Buckingham Palace, most people will want to ensure that every aspect of their home requires minimal maintenance.

  •  Stand out from the crowd

Today’s consumer values customer care as much as they do the quality of labour and materials. Once you’ve explained the key advantages of Solidor front doors, you will have gone a long way toward building an unparalleled brand for your business. Consumers want to know that you care as much about them as you do your bottom line and these updated doors, believe it or not, can give them that extra bit of assurance they are after.


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