Bosch’s range of mitre saws

Bosch’s range of mitre saws

Professional Builder looks at a class of tool that’s ideal for the combination of Bosch BiTURBO and ProCORE18V battery

The Bosch BiTURBO system was developed to operate in harmony with the ProCORE18V batteries and it was precisely in the realm of heavy-duty applications – such as mitre saws – that it is was designed to find its home. In this class of machine there’s an 8in., or 216mm (GCM 18V-216 D), 10in., or 254mm (GCM 18V-254 D), and 12in., or 305mm GCM 18V-305 GDC all available. Each of these tools are powered by a single ProCORE18V battery, complemented by a powerful brushless motor and high-quality accessories.

If you take the GCM 18V-216 DC as an example, at only 15kg, it is a genuinely portable tool. The Bosch Expert blade with 48 teeth provides a smooth finish on the workpiece, and the mitre adjustment for bevel cuts is quick and easy. Overall, the combination of ProCORE18V battery and BITURBO technology makes it feel like a 240V unit.

Cutting remarks

The 12in. (305mm) GCM 18V-305 GDC has a cutting capacity of 104mm – and 120mm with a spacer – which allows it to handle deep material. The unit is equipped with a space saving glide arm, which means it can be positioned right up against a wall, is dual bevel, and fully connected. Delivering power equal to a 2,000W corded tool, it’s most suited to the 12-amp hr ProCORE18V battery although, in common with all Bosch 18V machines it will run on any of its 18V batteries. In order to demonstrate its power, Chris Murray, Digital Power Tool Training Manager for Bosch Professional, took to 100mm of oak with the GCM 18V-305 GDC and you could easily be cutting material all day on one fully charged ProCORE18V power source.

There’s also a compact and versatile GTS 18V-216 Cordless Table Saw in the range with a maximum cutting height of 70mm and 635mm rip capacity. End users have reported that this tool – although not designed for the application – is accurate enough for cabinetry. This saw is robust, compact and easy to transport, and a stand is also available. When using it on site with the ProCORE18V 12 Ah battery it would be easy to mistake it for a corded tool. Everything you need is stored on the table saw and the blade change is an easy job.

Circular saws are by their nature energy intensive but here again the BiTURBO concept is up to the task, and there are a number of options in this class of machine, with 165mm blades through to 190mm and a plunge saw that runs from a 140mm blade.

Taking the plunge

The last of these, the GKT 18V-52 GC Cordless Plunge Saw is equal to a 1,620W corded machine and is a very user-friendly piece of kit. Each bevel degree is clearly marked and locked in with a small knob at the front and back of the saw, whilst the ergonomic position of the handle lets the saw do the work through the material. Moreover, a compact design means that there’s the convenience of a 10mm minimum distance between the wall and the saw blade.

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