Review: GMC power tools

Review: GMC power tools

Tibby Singh takes a couple of GMC power tools for a ride to see how they handle.

Global Machinery Company (GMC) is becoming more popular. If you’re wondering where in the globe it has come from, it was the other side of the planet in Australia in 1997. Its Dual-Base Random Orbit Sander found itself in orbit from down under and into my hands.

Sanding is usually associated with noise, dust and vibration. Therefore I was keen to see if this GMC was a smooth talker. Visually I thought the design looked cool but more importantly I wanted to know if it performed just as well as its looks. The first thing that stood out was its magnesium base, which offers strength and durability. It also means its light in weight at the same time, making it comfortable to move around the work piece. In addition to this carbon fibre has been used for the body which also offers similar advantages.

Although it may be light in weight it does have speed thanks to the variable speed control ranging from 1 to 6 allowing you to control it to your needs. It also controls the dust by throwing into a micro filtration dust canister. However for longer usage, you have the versatility of using the hose attachment fitting to hook it to a vacuum.

The other thing that hooks up easily, is the sand paper, thanks to a hook and loop system you can change the sand paper in seconds. Another surprising feature was having the option of either a 150mm base or a 125m base. This is useful as it allows you to use different size sand papers depending on the job at hand. The final handy feature is the ability to adjust the handle to various positions without any tools.

In all honesty, GMC wouldn’t have been a brand that I would usually have picked up. However I admire how much has been thought through when it comes to its design features. This is especially appealing considering its price point, so may be particularly appetising to anyone with a lower budget.

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GMC Sander Polisher

Having now tested a couple of GMC tools in the past, I’m surprised to see the varied range of products. I took the Sander Polisher for a spin to see how it handled. As a carpenter/joiner I tend to use a sander more than a polisher, so I thought I’d take the polisher for a test drive on a van.

I recall my arm felt as though it was about to fall off the last time I used a polisher, so it was a pleasant surprise to handle something so light. Setting up is simply screwing the disc and tightening it with the press of a button locking system.

Although its body is small and light but it still packs a powerful 1200w motor with a soft start and a speed control. This isn’t your usual speed control but an actually digital one with plus and minus controls. It’s geared up with a 5 step speed control that runs from 1000-3000rpm. When running at top speed the vibration is minimal due to the soft grip handles. Another handy feature is having a dual position sanding auxiliary handle and a polishing ‘D’ handle.

It features a hook and loop backing pad making pit stops quick. It also includes a wool polishing bonnet that wraps around the disc, as opposed to just being a Velcro pad to the surface. This means you don’t have to worry about the disc flying away in the middle of using it or damaging the surface you’re supposed to be polishing or buffing.

It’s certainly a buff looking machine and again with all the other GMC tools the price tag is very reasonable and also comes with a 2-year guarantee.





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