WANTED: photos of your work

WANTED: photos of your work

Taking good quality photos of your work for social media on your camera phone and making them look good isn’t as easy as you think – but we have advice to show you how!

On Wednesday 29th January we are hosting a workshop session as part of Pro Builder Live at Alexandra Palace on this very topic, with expert photographer Sarah Toon, with advice on how to get the best pictures possible. So we are looking for examples of the photos that you take, so that Sarah can offer her tips and tricks on how to improve them to help you showcase your work.

Sarah will be explaining how to take better camera phone images and showing you a few tricks of the photography trade on how to make your photos go from average to fabulous, meaning you’ll want to show them to your new potential customers and add them to your portfolio.

Having great images on your social media can be just as important as the installation itself when it comes to picking up new clients.  You spend hours doing your work, so why not show it off to its greatest potential?

If you have a photo you’d like Sarah to critique (so that you can take better pictures in the future) please submit it to probuildonline@gmail.com or tag us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

For free registration to the event visit probuilderlive.co.uk.

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