Retraction of Incorrect Information in V-TUF Review March 2018 p.38

Retraction of Incorrect Information in V-TUF Review March 2018 p.38

We would like to apologise for the incorrect information contained within Roger Bisby’s review of the V-TUF M Class Dust Extractor due to be printed in our March edition of Professional Builder.

This statement is a retraction of the following information: The V-TUF name and brand is referenced incorrectly within the review where it has been noted as ‘V Tuff’.

The filter of the V-TUF M Class is a HEPA filter and is certified as H-13 rated, with the testing and inspection having been carried out by Intertek testing laboratories. This H-13 rating of the V-TUF Dust Extractor is above the usual H-12 HEPA rating for standard M Class Dust Extractors. We apologise for the incorrect statement from Roger claiming his ‘only reservation is that the filter is not classed as a Hepa [sic] filter’.

The V-TUF M Class Dust Extraction vacuum is clearly CE marked and all V-TUF dust extraction machines and accessories comply to this standard of certification. To achieve this mark, all components within the V-TUF M Class dust extractor are itemised and tested to ensure compliant quality. It was noted in the review that the filter of the machine was not CE marked, implying that the machine itself was not CE compliant.

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