Next-working-day spares from Continal’s online shop

Next-working-day spares from Continal’s online shop

Installers can now get underfloor heating (UFH) spares delivered the next working day thanks to a new online shop from Continal Underfloor Heating. 

The new spares shop is online at, where installers can order a wide range of spare components, tools, smart home accessories and Quantum thermostats directly from Continal. 

These products include all common UFH spare parts such as pump manifold assemblies, power cables, mixing valves, isolation valves and blanking caps. Installers can also access useful tools to make fitting Continal’s UFH systems easily, including pipe cutters, tacker guns and pipe decoilers. 

Orders placed before 2pm will be delivered the next working day. Installers can pay for their orders via Google Pay, Apple Pay, or by credit or debit card.  

Chris Ingram, Founder of Continal Underfloor Heating, said: “At Continal we’re known for our exceptional standards of customer service, and we are always looking to go above and beyond to make our installers’ lives easier. Our new online shop means installers can access the spare parts and tools they need quickly, with everything being delivered directly to site so they can get on with the job.” 

Other useful features installers can find on Continal’s website include the Small Area Solution tool, which allows installers to quickly build a custom Continal UFH pack for smaller floor areas ranging from 10m2 to 30m2 

Continal has been one of the UK’s leading design and supply specialists for energy-efficient warm-water UFH for 20 years. The company’s full range of UFH systems for solid floors, overfloor applications and joist floors, as well as a full portfolio of controls and accessories, can be found at 

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