New report by payments expert reveals Building and DIY materials are 52% more in-demand post-lockdown

New report by payments expert reveals Building and DIY materials are 52% more in-demand post-lockdown

New data from UK card payment provider Dojo, has revealed what Brits are spending the most on following restrictions being fully lifted in June of this year.

Dojo analysed their transaction data to find out how much was spent in each industry pre and post-lockdown, specifically comparing spend in February 2020 to June 2021. The results show which business sectors have seen the biggest uplift in spend and which activities Brits are now flaunting their cash on.

Services focused on Building and DIY saw an average of 52% more spend now, than pre-pandemic.

Rank Industry Business/Service Uplift in spend Post vs. Pre Covid (Latest 12 months vs. Previous 12 months)
1 Food Bakeries & patisseries 57%
2 Health Dentists 57%
3 Building & DIY Builders & building materials 52%
4 Health Opticians 36%
5 Transport Car parts and accessories 31%
6 Office Stationery & office supplies 30%
7 Retail Gardening 28%
8 Retail Book Stores 28%
9 Health Private doctors & health practitioners 27%
10 Building & DIY Flooring 26%
11 Health Chiropractors 26%
12 Food Sweet & corner shops 25%
13 Pets Pet shops 23%
14 Office Computer maintenance & repair 21%
15 Food Food stores & deli 20%
16 Building & DIY Curtains & blinds 20%
17 Transport Bicycle shops & servicing 17%
18 Pets Vets 17%
19 Building & DIY Heating, Plumbing 16%
20 Hobby Sporting goods & fishing 15%
21 Food Butcher 15%
22 Retail Jewellers 14%
23 Retail Florists 14%

After analysing their transaction data, Dojo found that there were key areas where Brits were spending the most money now compared to before the first lockdown. Building and DIY was one of these.

Home renovation and DIY projects are among the UK’s biggest spending habits, according to transaction data

A variety of building, renovation and DIY based services and products featured in the list of the top 23 industries where Brits are now spending the most. Builders and raw building materials came out on top with a whopping 51.9% increase in spend for builders’ services and access to their materials.

It seems that a year stuck in the same four walls has given the public a new sense of appreciation for their living space, and they’re upscaling in force.

Bakeries and patisseries saw the BIGGEST uplift in customer spending post-lockdown 

Local food stores including bakeries, butchers, sweet shops and delis all saw an uplift in spending of more than +10% post-COVID. However, it looks like all the frenzied banana bread baking and investment in sourdough has given Brits a taste for fresh bread out of lockdown.

Bakeries and patisseries in particular benefitted with a 56.9% increase in customer spend after lockdown was completely lifted, when compared to before the first lockdown was implemented.

Prioritising health is among one of the biggest spending increases for Brits, after a year of sedentary life 

A year of limited movement and the closure of services not deemed essential, coupled with working from makeshift office spaces has seen Brits desperate to get their health (and backs) sorted.

Dentists saw the most increase in demand with a 56.6% uplift in spend, unsurprising when the nation’s teeth haven’t been checked over in a good year. Next was opticians with an increase in demand of 36.5% and after a long year of staring mercilessly at work laptop screens and Netflix it makes sense that the public want their peepers prepped for life again.

Private doctors and health practitioners and chiropractors also all featured in the top 20 services in most demand with an uplift of 26.9% and 25.8% respectively.

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