Innovation prize for Leadax

Innovation prize for Leadax

Leadax has been awarded the Veluwse innovation prize of 2018.

The product, available exclusively in the UK from Cromar Building Products, is made from recycled plastic molded onto aluminum mesh and not only looks like lead but is as malleable and pliable as lead.

“What makes Leadax unique is that it has the stability, impact resilience and pliability of lead. It also has the same look and feel as lead. But, it’s cheaper, non-toxic, 70 per cent lighter and safer and easier for workers to work with,” said Roeland van Delden, Director of Leadax.

Lead is being slowly phased out worldwide. Leadax is made of PVB – polyvinyl butyral – extracted from used safety glass. Sales are growing rapidly and to meet anticipated demand, Leadax is now building a second production line in the centre of the Netherlands.

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