Flexibility and transparency are keys to success for this plumbing company

Flexibility and transparency are keys to success for this plumbing company

South London-based Plumr shares their secrets to building a successful plumbing business.

After working over a decade in plumbing and heating services, Connie Maher and Mickey Mongiovi decided to start their own company, Plumr, in 2016. In the last four years, this South London plumbing and heating company has been a great success, even going through the lockdown continuously providing quality services to its customers.

“Ever since founding Plumr, our philosophy has been that transparency is the key to providing top-quality service and improving our work constantly. After thirteen years total in the plumbing business, and four with Plumr, it is still important to talk to customers and explain to them all the details of the job,” – says Mickey Mongiovi, Plumr Co-Founder. “We pride ourselves at being proactive in our work and maintaining good relationships with our customers for the long-term, solving any plumbing issues that may come up along the way.”

Running a successful business is a challenge for any entrepreneur, and knowing the industry inside is crucial to be able to keep up with trends in the fast-paced environment. Connie and Mickey have worked in plumbing and heating for over a decade each, bringing experience and professionalism to their own venture, Plumr.

The main objective for the engineers is solving client’s issues quickly and effectively, leaving their bathroom looking amazing and their house perfectly clean.

“We only hire people we know will do the job the way we ourselves would do it, because providing the highest possible service quality to our clients was our main objective from the day one. We realise that running our own business is a marathon, not a sprint, so the quality and satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate and most important goal” – shares Connie Maher, Plumr Co-Founder.

Following the economic and sanitary challenges posed by this year’s lockdown, Plumr has shown a high level of adaptability to the new reality faced in the industry. They were quick to introduce video boiler installation quoting services to provide a quality consultation while complying with social distancing and other hygienic measures.

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