Construction Skills Test Offers CSCS Support

Construction Skills Test Offers CSCS Support

If you need a CSCS card then visit the Construction Skills Test website

“The CSCS continues to serve as the United Kingdom’s leading skills certification scheme for those in the construction field. With this certification, individuals demonstrate they have the mandatory training and qualifications for the type of work they are undertaking. The majority of major house builders and principal contractors now require their workers to have a valid CSCS card, which requires completion of an examination. Our site strives to help individuals prepare for this exam,” Ryan Purdham, owner of Construction Skills Test, explains.

Applicants need to determine which type of card they must apply for. There are a variety of cards to choose from, including apprentice, skilled worker, supervisory and visitor. Each test is geared to the job being done, and many individuals must also complete the Health Safety and Environment test. Construction Skills Test now offers a wide range of mock tests for site visitors, including a Health and Safety CSCS mock test.

“Our goal is to help those in the construction industry pass the required test. The tests stimulate the types of questions asked in the test and help applicants determine where they need to do more revision before sitting for the actual test. In addition, the mock tests help the individual learn more about the test format, which is beneficial when the actual exam is taken,” Purdham continues.

Furthermore, the site provides information on the cost of a CSCS card, card changes and more. Learn about test revisions, the benefits of possessing a card of this type and more. The site also provides videos that will be of great help to those preparing for the test.

“Visit our Facebook Page for more information and remain updated on information regarding the construction industry and the CSCS test. Construction remains a great field to work in, and we strive to make it easy for individuals to enter the industry. When construction is booming, we all benefit,” Purdham declares.

About Construction Skills Test
Construction Skills Test was founded to help individuals preparing for the CSCS test. The site provides free practice questions and answers, so students can determine which areas they need to focus on more. In addition, the site includes general information regarding the test, enabling students to familiarise themselves with test procedures.

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