Builders are the most attractive trades on Tinder

Builders are the most attractive trades on Tinder

If you’ve started 2020 on a mission to find that special someone, you might be tempted to head to a dating app like Tinder.

And new research from suggests that adding the profession ‘builder’ to your profile will make you more attractive to potential dates.  The research investigated by creating male Tinder profiles, ensuring the name, picture and age remained unchanged, with only the bio changing to each different trade. Each profile was left online for two days, swiping right to a total of 200 people.

On average, male profiles that did not have a trade in their bio, received 60 matches over the course of two days. However, by adding a trade into their profile, those matches increased to as many as 111. On average, a tradesman received 80.6 matches in 2 days.

The job that got the most matches was a builder, shortly followed by plumbers gaining 101 matches.

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