Why stone wool insulation is the smart choice

Why stone wool insulation is the smart choice

James Francis, Product Manager at ROCKWOOL, explains why stone wool is the smart choice when choosing insulation materials in a climate-conscious world.

With rising energy prices and the fight against climate change, customers are becoming more environmentally conscious, wanting to live more sustainably and at the same time – save money.

Historically, when it comes to insulation, the primary driver behind customer choice has been to improve the thermal performance of homes, which in turn reduces energy bills.

Although energy saving devices are going someway towards helping property owners and homeowners to manage what they spend on heating homes, they are increasingly recognising that ‘fabric first’ with quality insulation needs to go hand-in-hand with these technologies.

However, in recent years, priorities have gone beyond thermal performance.

Customers are looking for solutions that help reduce or block the travel of noise into their properties and there’s an increasing awareness of fire safety, with homeowners seeking assurances their building insulation will not contribute to fire spreading.

This is where the natural properties of stone wool insulation can go above and beyond thermal performance and provide inherent benefits, helping you achieve competitive advantage, and earn a trusted reputation.

Here are the main things you need to know about the benefits of stone wool insulation…

Thermal performance and durability

Stone wool insulation is resilient, durable and dimensionally stable, maintaining its thickness and shape over time, without losing its thermal properties. Moreover, due to its fibre structure and overall flexibility, it can easily fit into available spaces, helping to avoid air gaps and reduce installation errors which can lead to unnecessary heat loss that reduces energy efficiency.


Stone wool is manufactured from naturally occurring volcanic rock – abundant in supply because it’s continually replenished by the earth’s crust. As highlighted previously, stone wool insulation has a long and sustainable lifespan and is found to perform to the same high standard for decades.

In addition, stone wool insulation is recyclable. This will appeal to the more environmentally conscious customer as any offcuts can be recycled rather than going to landfill. From a commercial perspective, it also helps to keep costs on a job down as it reduces the need to remove site waste.

Noise reducing

Stone wool insulation has added benefits in terms of absorbing sound waves and contributing to good room acoustics. It reduces the passage of sound from the outside to the inside of the building, as well as from one room to another.

Natural fire protection

Stone wool insulation is non-combustible and can withstand temperatures in excess of 1,000°C. While this helps limit the spread of fire, should stone wool be exposed to fire it will not emit significant toxic gases or smoke.

Why install stone wool insulation?

When it comes to handling and installing stone wool insulation, you can save time and secure a better fit more easily than with rigid alternatives.

This is because stone wool is typically friction fitted and the material is quick and simple to cut. Moreover, as the same product can often be used for multiple applications, such as a loft, floors and walls – it helps to minimise wastage and makes it easier to plan material purchase. Using stone wool should also help to avoid customer call backs over time as it will not slump or sag.

To help guide you through the selection of insulation products, ROCKWOOL® has created a Trade Application Guide for installers. Packed with product information, building regulation requirements and installation advice, it’s a must-have manual when it comes to using stone wool insulation.

The “Trade Application Guide” is available via ROCKWOOL’s “Installer Portal” – which also includes straight-to-the-point installation guides, advice on how to reduce your customers’ energy bills as well as tips on why stone wool is the best choice for your customers. Your one stop shop to keep your clients happy and your business profitable.

Visit rockwool.co.uk/installer to access the “ROCKWOOL Installer Portal”.

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