Why pre-fabricated solutions could play a big part in the building industry’s recovery

Why pre-fabricated solutions could play a big part in the building industry’s recovery

As the country starts to get back building again, David Ayers, Piping Category Manager from Geberit looks at why pre-fabricated solutions could play a big part in the building industry’s recovery.

Pre-fabricated systems, where a variety of components are assembled off-site, is set to see huge growth here in the UK. Just last year, for example, it was predicted that the UK could be one of the modular construction industry’s principal markets for growth, with the pre-fabricated building market expected to grow by 8 per cent between 2019-2025.

And that was before the advent of Covid-19, which could now expediate this growth. The Construction Innovation Hub, for instance, explained what the impact of the pandemic could have on pre-fabricated systems. In a recent article, it emphasised that: “…it is vitally important that the post-COVID19 recovery is rooted firmly in new and better ways of doing things… (as) we get Britain building again, we must grasp the opportunity to lay the groundwork for some transformative changes, including a fundamental shift in our approach to quality…Manufactured solutions will have a direct role in supporting a sector-led recovery – reducing the demand for on-site labour and creating new skilled jobs in manufacturing and assembly facilities throughout the UK.” 

So, let’s look at what benefits pre-fabricated systems and, in particular, pre-fabricated drainage solutions, can offer builders.

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Simpler process?

Pre-fabricated drainage systems are manufactured in factory-controlled conditions by a highly-skilled team of experts. The pipework is cut and welded by the pre-fabricators and the stacks then arrive on-site ready for installation.

Removing the requirement for cutting and welding pipes from site can save significant time and drive efficiencies on a project. In the first instance, it eliminates any risk of on-site weather factors and subcontractor scheduling delays.

Meanwhile, a conventional drainage stack will require multiple individual components – all delivered, stored and then assembled on site. A Geberit pre-fabricated system, for example, will be carefully planned with the builder or project team to reduce the number of deliveries to site and remove the need for lengthy product storage times; not only does this speed up the installation process but it also, crucially, reduces the amount of waste.

Indeed, this impact on wastage also helps make pre-fabricated drainage systems a sustainable option and one that can reduce the environmental impact of a project. Leading manufacturers such as Geberit will help carefully plan and build the drainage systems, minimising offcuts and fully utilising lengths of pipes to reduce waste.

Efficient ways of working

The very nature of these systems, and their methods of construction, mean that they are designed for total ease of installation, reducing overall project costs and enabling a simpler, more streamlined process.

Opting for a pre-fabricated solution with a reputable manufacturer can offer builders a complete solution from start-to-finish. Leading manufacturers will, for instance, have a dedicated team of engineers with knowledge of building standards and regulations. They will then develop a bespoke design which can be adapted to meet any specialist project requirements.

Peace of mind

Every stage of the pre-fabricated process is carefully managed. For instance, Geberit’s dedicated team will create drawings from the outset. The cutting and welding stages are then undertaken by a specialist team of pre-fabricators, eliminating the potential for any inconsistencies and ensuring that there is no deviation from the approved design.

Every stack is quality tested throughout the entire process by the pre-fabricators. This not only offers complete peace of mind in the installation process but can also, in turn, empower builders and their teams to check their own work in greater detail. 


Builders should always be looking for ways to deliver projects on time, under budget, and more efficiently – and continuously looking for new ways of working and innovating is crucial here. Pre-fabricated systems can present an effective solution for builders when considering processes that maximise efficiency and profit. We predict real growth in this area as the sector looks to fight back and prepare for whatever the future may hold.

For further information on the range of pre-fabricated systems available from Geberit visit geberit.co.uk/home/

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