What’s hot in doors and windows?

What’s hot in doors and windows?

Quickslide’s Ade has provided his summer Round Up. The latest and greatest from the window and door world when the weather gets warmer

Here at Quickslide, we’ve been cooking up some seriously cool stuff. From sleek new designs to innovative technologies, there’s no shortage of excitement. But we’re not the only ones making wavesour industry as a whole is buzzing with creativity and progress. 

So far this year we’ve seen even more new products and worthwhile tweaks from a window and door industry that is fully committed to developing and offering exciting new products and touches that will help your properties stand out from the rest

So, what can you expect in this summer’s round-up? 

Less is more! Sightlines getting slimmer 

Slim is in, whether it’s bifolds or sliding sash windows. Whilst PVC-U frames generally do a pretty good job in emulating timber originals, for vertical sliding box sash style frames, private and commercial specifiers are more particular than most about authenticity. Sash window manufactures are offering slimmer midrails, which ensures that PVC-U windows are now accepted by more conservation areas due to an appearance that is indistinguishable from the originals they replace. This allows more heritage buildings to retain their authentic appearance whilst enjoying superior thermal performance and weatherproofing. 

Slim is also in for modern properties, with slimmer framed bifolds bringing a more modern touch to homes. With less frame and more glass and without a drop in energy efficiency your customers get a contemporary styled garden door without compromising performance.

Sliding and stacking is all the rage

Slide and stack doors are the hottest thing you’ll see this summer – unless we have another 40 degree heatwave of course 

Why choose these doors over traditional bifolds? Doors like the new Quick-Glide system come with fully independent panels that can be moved and opened individually to allow openings virtually anywhere along the track, but which may also be fully opened when required just like bi-folds. And with no hinges or excess hardware visible when closed, choosing a slide and stack system is a terrific alternative.


The requirement for trickle vents on windows and sliding doors called for in the current Building Regs got a lot of people hot under the collar. But fortunately, a range of flush trickle vents for sliding and bi-folding garden doors is now widely available. They fulfil the requirements of the Building Regs without spoiling the sleek style of the doors themselves.

Now Trending: Heritage Aluminium

Indoors, outdoors, with heritage ‘art deco’ steel replica windows, doors and room dividers, the possibilities are limitless! Many companies – Quickslide included – offer these aluminium frames with internal and external options, making them an ideal choice for any style of home.

Indoors, they create a seamless transition between rooms, allowing natural light in and enhancing the sense of space. Outdoors, aluminium doors and windows blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, opening up living spaces to gardens, patios, and panoramic views. Whether you go for classic black or anthracite grey, or a bespoke RAL shade, the options are endless.

All the colours of the rainbow… available to you

You can’t beat beautifully coloured windows and doors in the summer. I’ve been seeing a lot of agate grey bifolds popping up recently, and the combination brings so much life and light to a home. They effortlessly blend in yet stand out with their unique colour. Bifold doors create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living, and agate grey is versatile enough to complement a range of colours and materials.

Customers are generally getting more adventurous with their window and door choices. We’re talking bold finishes herethink deep blues, vibrant greens, even playful yellows. Gone are the days of sticking to standard black or white profiles matching the overall colour schemes of a property has never been easier.

Love U! U-Values are lower than ever!

Heritage sash window manufacturers are constantly developing their products and you can now order windows with a staggeringly low U-value of 1.2 W/m2K. It’s not just a number – U-values can make or break a project. Even though energy bills have reduced in recent months, and we are now in milder weather at last, energy efficiency has never been more important to homeowners who want an end to leaky, draughty homes and soaring bills.

Imagine being the hero to offer these great looking windows that are also super-efficient with a U-value of 1.2. That’s not just good; it’s like having the supercar of windows in a world where everyone else is going 20mph. Your customers will thank you for saving them money on energy bills and making their homes comfortable year-round – as well as looking fabulous too!

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