V12 celebrates its Band of Builders boot

V12 celebrates its Band of Builders boot

V12 explains how its Band of Builders (BoB) boot was born and the story so far

Impressed and inspired by the life-changing work that the Band of Builders charity was doing for those in the construction sector living with illness and injury, V12 Footwear was determined to show its support. But it was equally determined to show it in a visible, memorable and high-impact way.  

Developing a charity boot in collaboration with Band of Builders seemed like the perfect way to show this support. It represented V12’s passion for safety footwear and protecting people, but would also act as an instantly recognizable symbol of the charity and its work. 

Collaborating with Band of Builders, in 2021, V12 launched the exclusive V2150 BoB safety boot. For every pair of the BoB boot sold, V12 donates £5 to the Band of Builders charity to support it in its mission to help those in the industry in their hour of need. 

Incorporating V12’s 25-years of experience in safety footwear and working with those in the building trades, with its lighter construction, quicker and easier lacing system and enhanced comfort collar, the BoB boot truly was a boot built for builders. 

The story so far 

  • In 2021, the BoB boot launched in collaboration with Band of Builders.  
  • We launched with a photoshoot – featuring Band of Builders’ supporters. 
  • V12’s social media campaigns make awareness of the BoB boot explode! Wearers were encouraged to share their support using the hashtag #tradelaces along with a photo of their boots at work and an influencer campaign asked tradespeople to send funny selfies whilst wearing the boot at work. 
  • These online strategies have generated millions of impressions since the boot was launched. 
  • The BoB boots came with a free pair of Band of Builders branded orange laces which have become a symbol of the charity and spread its brand awareness even further. 
  • To show just how committed V12 is to spreading awareness of this charity, it bought a co-branded hot air balloon! It wanted to shout about Band of Builders and its work from the roof tops – and it certainly achieved it. The balloon has the Band of Builders logo emblazoned on it, and has become a much-loved and well-known sight, frequently photographed and shared online.
  • V12 collaborated with Snapfeet, who developed an app letting people scan their foot size and try on footwear ‘virtually.’ Those interested in wearing the BoB boot can use this innovative foot scanning app for free.
  • In 2022, when V12 shot a video for the BoB boot, it had to find an actor who could do a somersault as part of the advert’s script. The star of this video was the son of one of the beneficiaries of a Band of Builders’ project. 
  • V12 Footwear ended the first quarter of 2023 by donating over £10,000 to Band of Builders from selling over 2,000 pairs of BoB boots. 

The future of the BoB Boot 

The BoB boot is available through various builders’ merchants throughout the UK, so even more people across the country have greater access to a boot raising both levels of safety and money for the Band of Builders charity. 

Charlie Turner, Head of Sales and Marketing commented: “The BoB boot represents two of my great passions – supporting those who need help and protecting people.” 

“For us to have donated this money means we’re helping the Band of Builders charity, we’re helping the people benefiting from their amazing projects – and of course to make this donation, many pairs of BoB boots have been sold, so we’re helping the wearers of this product stay safe too. And it’s this ripple effect of sharing and support that gives me a very rewarding feeling.” 

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