Top 10 roofing trends

Top 10 roofing trends

Roof systems manufacturer Marley picks out the top 10 roofing trends for the months ahead.

From time saving, easy-to-fix products, through to sustainability and offsite construction, Marley’s roofing experts pick their top ten roofing products and trends.

  1. Low pitch

We could see thousands more single storey rear extension projects this year thanks to the relaxation in planning laws being made permanent. This means roof tiles with a low minimum pitch will continue to be in high demand in 2020 and beyond. Luckily there has never been more choice when it comes to low pitch products, with some great innovations coming to the market in recent years. We offer a wide range of low pitch clay and concrete interlocking tiles and slates, including our Melodie clay tile and our new low pitch Mendip concrete tile, which can both be used down to a minimum pitch of just 12.5 degrees.

  1. Time-saving

The ongoing labour shortage and pressure to complete projects quickly, means that time saving products will continue to be very popular this year. From our Lincoln interlocking clay pantile, to our Edgemere interlocking slates, we offer a wide range of products to help you save time on roofing projects. 

  1. Easy-to-fix traditional tiles

While easy-to-fix interlocking products have become very popular, some planning authorities, particularly in conservation areas, still require a traditional tile. So, we’ve also been focusing on how we can make traditional tiles easier to fix to modern standards. Last year, we launched our new Eden traditional pantile, which incorporates subtle modern fixings to make installation simpler, and we expect to see a growth in demand for this type of product next year. 

  1. Dry fix

An increasing number of extreme weather events means the security of pitched roofing will continue to be a focus next year for both new build and refurbishment. It is worth moving to full dry fix systems, if you haven’t done so already, to prevent claims and call backs. However, not all BS 8612 compliant dry fix systems offer the same levels of quality, so check the differences before you buy.

  1. Know your battens

Despite the introduction of stricter grading requirements under BS 5534, there is concern that not all roofing battens meet the British Standard. There is likely to be continued focus on this next year, so make sure you are confident about the quality of battens you are using. Our JB Red battens are machine graded and BBA certified to give peace of mind but, you can check your own battens with our free pocket checklist (available from

  1. Easier clipping

Clipping is renowned as being one of the fiddliest tasks in roofing, so look out for innovations that make the job much easier. From a time saving SoloFix one-piece clip and nail, through to Batten End clips to make dry verges more secure and our new Universal Eaves clip, we’ve got a range of clips to save hassle.

  1. Sustainable products

Growing consumer and political pressure to take action on climate change means that sustainability is likely to be one of the biggest issues for the construction industry in 2020. As environmental impact becomes a bigger influencing factor in materials choice, checking the BRE Green Guide rating and Responsible Sourcing status of roofing products will be increasingly important next year.

  1. Roof systems

Extreme weather, greater scrutiny over Building Regulations and the high cost of call-backs all mean that full pitched roof systems are likely to become more popular than ever in 2020. Our roof system gives a single point of contact, guaranteed compatibility and compliance with British Standards, backed up with a 15-year system guarantee.

  1. Off-site construction

There has been a surge in offsite housing in 2019 and this trend looks set to continue next year, as housebuilders look for innovative new ways to boost the number of new homes. Our timber shingles are ideal for offsite construction – as well as being lightweight and easy to install, they are one of the most sustainable building materials.

  1. Getting technical

All of these roofing trends mean that access to technical support will be even more important in 2020. As well as roofing experts on the phone, our new, updated sitework guide and app gives you instant access to technical roofing expertise whenever you need it.

To get your copy, visit or download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.

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