Tibby Singh’s insight of Locks 4 Vans security solutions

Tibby Singh’s insight of Locks 4 Vans security solutions

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh visits Locks 4 Vans (L4V) and gets an insight in the company’s huge range of vehicle security solutions.

Unfortunately, van crime is something that will always be with us. I wish I could say it would end tomorrow but, in reality, it won’t. Criminals are opportunistic, so if they see a vulnerable looking vehicle, it becomes a target. The only way to eliminate or reduce the risk of this, is the installation of additional security to the van. This is where Locks 4 Vans (L4V) provide aftermarket security solutions to the problem. At the end of the day the tools of a tradesperson are their livelihood. Taking that away from someone is devastating and has massive implications from financial to even affecting their mental health and wellbeing – because if you don’t have the tools you simply can’t work.

We were privileged to be invited to the Locks 4 Vans HQ where the team gave us a tour of the facilities and talked us through the manufacturing process of the company’s various security systems. I was surprised to learn that L4V currently offers over 7,000 locking and shielding products/components to cater for all. This makes sense as there are so many different vehicles, makes, and models – hence such a large product range. Even if it’s not available they are able to quickly and efficiently produce bespoke products if required. We were particularly impressed with how quick they can respond to demand, with prototypes being made within days of a need being highlighted. This could simply be due to the introduction of a new van, with a new security system then needed. A vulnerable area of a van could also have been identified, which means a rapid response is required, because the longer the product is delayed the greater the damage could be inflicted.

The UK’s best seller is the L4V Hook Lock, which can be fitted to a cab, side or rear door. This works completely independently of the manufacturer’s locking system, so if they get passed that there’s another obstacle. This is available for all manufacturers and models and has the option to be fitted at high, medium and low positions. One of my concerns was, if a lock’s being fitted inevitably a considerable amount of metal would need to be removed so does that weaken the door? However, 60 per cent less metal is removed from the structural part of the door during installation compared to other hook lock cases, making Locks 4 Vans the right choice. The L4V Deadlock is similar to the Hook Lock but here the lock engages a ‘straight bolt’, making it suitable for cab doors, whereas the Hook Lock may be better suited for sliding doors.

Another product that will slam the door shut on thieves is the Slamlock. This is perfect for anyone who is regularly in and out of the van, because as soon as you close the door it locks and can only be opened using the L4V Slamlock Key. So, if you’ve got your hands full, you don’t have to worry about messing around with the keys, which is handy. A Slamhandle is also available, which works in the same way, but incorporated into the handle is a powder-coated stainless steel replacement handle, providing an upgrade to security.

The solution that stood out for me was the Statement Lock. Not only is it a visual deterrent, but also a practical one too. This mounts externally, bracing the two doors together, and is usually fitted higher on the doors to protect against the ‘peel and steal’ method of forced entry, although vehicle specific Anti-Peel Kits are also available. Another convenient provision is the key matching service, so you don’t have the hassle of different keys for different locks, the added weight and hassle of working out which key is for which lock.

Brace yourself as it doesn’t end there; L4V provide so much more with just some of what on offer listed here:

– Ford Replacement Lock
– Ultimate Lock
– Heavy Duty Shutter Lock
– Narrow Slat Shutter Lock
– Cargo Lock
– Eternal Shielding
– Handle Shields
– Internal Latch Shields
– Loom Guards
– Cat Guards
– Spare Wheel Protectors
– Interior release Guards

L4V’s passion to reduce van crime is evident by its actions. For example, the security specialist has recently invested £2.5 million to extend its capabilities with a further research and development facility. Thieves like to think if one door closes another one opens, whereas L4V are always ready to react and take the appropriate actions. Although much of their work is understandably reactive – after incidents occur – they try to be as proactive as possible, anticipating what may be the next target to stay ahead of thieves. An example is the increase in electric and hybrid vehicles, which will play an important role in a greener future, but they are still on the criminals’ radar. L4V also offers an extensive and growing range of products to secure these next generation vehicles.

Nothing is bullet-proof, of course, but having additional security will delay someone trying to break into the van by a considerable margin. They will need some serious equipment to gain entry and with that comes noise. In that time, they will hopefully be caught, defeated or deterred and flee the scene. To have this additional layer of security devices in place gives me a piece of mind. It’s also perfect for someone who travels for work like myself. More recently I’ve been travelling around filming for Changing Rooms which meant stopping at various hotels in unfamiliar locations or even in the middle of nowhere. Their continued innovation puts you at ease and would always suggest getting extra security; ‘Act, don’t React’!

For further information on Locks 4 Vans (L4V) visit https://www.locks4vans.co.uk/

Tibby Singh – www.TibbySingh.com 

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