Tibby Singh reviews the ToughBuilt Sawhorse

Tibby Singh reviews the ToughBuilt Sawhorse

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh is backing the right horse from ToughBuilt.

When I started carpentry and joinery, one of the first tasks I undertook was to make some wooden sawhorses. From the point of view of efficiency and safety something that was drilled into me from an early age was the importance of having a decent workstation set-up. I later went on to get some plastic trestles, which were much lighter but didn’t last very long. In fact, I still have my wooden trestles, but they’re not exactly portable.

So, when I got my hands on ToughBuilt’s Sawhorses I was looking forward to putting them to the test to see if they were built to last the toughest on site conditions. There are four models/sizes available in the UK:

– C300
– C550
– C650
– C700

All of the sawhorses are constructed from 100 per cent high-grade steel and, unlike plastic trestles, they instantly feel robust, with a heavy-duty powder coating and zinc finish. Unlike my wooden sawhorses these can be folded up and even have a carry handle for easier transportation. They hardly take up any space in the van, yet they can work in any space to create jobsite tables.

Some models bring more features to the table than others, such as the material support pegs that are included on the C550, C650 and C700. This allows you to insert 4×2’s and even 4×4’s on the C700 to create a solid table, which can be used for several purposes. I find it perfect for using them when it comes to cutting boards. It feels sturdy, unlike the plastic trestles that feel in comparison like you’re working on a waterbed.

These three also have adjustable feet, which makes it ideal when working on slightly uneven surfaces. Taking it a step further the C650 and C700 have adjustable legs, so there’s no longer the need to pack the legs with off-cuts of timber.

The C700 is the head of the family and has other features, such as the ability to fix a sacrificial 2×4 timber to the top of the sawhorses. It’s cut out to be the best as it also has cutting brackets which means you can make quick cuts safely and efficiently.

Even if you’ve just started out on site as an apprentice, and don’t have a van, these can fit in any car, so there’s no excuse. I just wish they were around when I did my apprenticeship. I had to place my wooden trestles on the seat, which felt like I was carrying extra passengers. I can confirm that you won’t be horsing around with the ToughBuilt Sawhorses and they are built to last the toughest conditions on site come rain or shine!

For further information on the ToughBuilt Sawhorse visit https://toughbuilt.com/sawhorses

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