This region seeks the most help with home handiwork

This region seeks the most help with home handiwork
  • Residents of Slough are the most interested in hiring professional tradespeople than any other UK city!
  • Overall, the North West is the region most likely to hire professional tradespeople with more than 24,000 searches for various trades
  • Residents in Birmingham search for all trading professions, but ‘bricklayer’ the most, out of all cities considered.
  • UK residents are most interested in searching for: painters, plasterers, and plumbers!

The past few months have certainly shown Brits’ capabilities to tackle various home DIY jobs in and around the house. However, there are some DIY tasks where we are more likely to hire a professional tradesperson. were eager to discover where in the UK we seek the most help with home DIY projects.

Interestingly, they found that 6,290 searches on average per month are made by eager Brits looking to ‘find a trader’ or ‘hire a tradesman’.

To find the data, PriceYourJob analysed 83 of the largest cities in the UK and 17 trading professions we would be likely to hire in the home to find out which one is most popular in each city. Thereafter, they ranked the cities in order of the percentage of their population searching for these trading jobs.

Cities in the UK with the largest number of Google searches (relative to population size):

Slough was the city with the largest number of searches made in relation to their population (2.15%), with 3,520 collective results for all 17 professions they would hire at home, including painters, carpenters, and tree surgeons. In second place is Bolton with 2,370 searches (1.68% of the population).

Intriguingly, residents in Slough and Bolton are equally as interested in 11 out of 17 trading professions relative to their population size.

Bedford came third with 1.62% of residents keen to hire tradespeople. When assessing the largest Google search volume for each trading profession relative to Bedford’s population size, the city came third after Slough and Bolton with 6 out of 17 trades ranking in the top three.

The Welsh cities of Newport, Swansea and Cardiff were the lowest ranking for searches relative to their population, with just an average of 0.17%.

Cities in the UK with the largest number of Google searches (not relative to population size):

Collectively, PriceYourJob found that Birmingham (10,100), Glasgow (7,030), Manchester (5,780), Bristol (5,760) and Leeds (5,230) were the top five cities across the UK with the largest search volumes for all trading professions analysed.

Newport (230), Grimsby (410) and Poole (480) had the lowest number of searches made overall not compared to their population size.

Most popular trading jobs homeowners across the UK are hiring according to searches:

  1. Painter – 66,629
  2. Plasterer – 25,810
  3. Plumber – 23,830

Heating engineers and window glazers are the least popular among homeowners to Google when needing work done at their homes with 900 and 1,070 searches, respectively.

Regions most interested in hiring trading professionals:

Regionally, those living in the North West appear to be the most interested to hire tradesmen for various household DIY jobs, with more than 24,000 collective searches a month!

West Midlands followed with 22,330 searches.

Residents in Wales showed the least interest in hiring professionals with just 1,950 searches made for traders such as plumbers, gardeners, and decorators.


PriceYourJob used Google AdWords to find out how many searches were made in each UK city. The largest populated cities were chosen (100,000 and more). Tradesperson jobs included:

Painter, Carpenter, Decorator, Bricklayer, Plasterer, Gardener, Plumber, Landscaper, Electrician, Gas engineer, Glazers, Builder, Heating Engineer, Tiler, Scaffolder, Tree Surgeon, and Roofer.

The city with the largest percentage of their population searching for the tradesperson professions was ranked first.

London was excluded from the list as it would always show the largest volume.

Data was extracted 18/8/20

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