The ToughBuilt Quickset Work Bench

The ToughBuilt Quickset Work Bench

Tibby Singh is working smart with the ToughBuilt Quickset Work Bench

I’ve used a few work benches in the past and found that their legs start to wobble at the first sight of a load. When I found out that ToughBuilt has recently launched its new Quickset Work Bench, I was intrigued to see if it is really is tough enough.

The first thing I noticed – apart from it obviously being a flat pack – was that it weighs more than any other work bench I have come across, which is a good initial sign – because as I would hope that weight translates to stability. Next I thought the instructions were missing from the box but in fact you don’t need any, as you just press and play. By pressing one button, that says ‘1’, it sets up in one second – and then you can get to play.

The metal legs certainly help to stabilise the unit and, with quick reference measurement markings in inches, centimetres and degrees on the work surface itself, it’s not only strong but smart. It’s also got holes and slots in the top which can be used as clamping points. This is important from a safety perspective because if you’re cutting or drilling anything you know it’s not going to be jumping around and putting your fingers at risk.

ToughBuilt also produce ClipTech tool belts, pouches and bags, which can be interchanged quickly and effortlessly using the clip system. This is also incorporated into the Quickset Work Bench, which means you can have your tools in the pouch, keeping the work surface safe and tidy. It has one ClipTech hub with the option to fit four, one in each corner. The pouch isn’t included with the work bench, but there are various options available separately.

I’m not a betting man myself but, having previously taken the same manufacturer’s Sawhorse for a run – which could carry some extreme weight – I had good odds on the work bench being able to too. You’ll get a good return on your money, as it can support up to a huge 454kg (1,000 lbs).

It’s fair to say that this ToughBuilt Quickset Work Bench isn’t a DIY work bench but ideal for both DIYers and tradespeople alike. Its versatility allows it to be folded up, minimising the space it occupies, whilst making transport easier in the van or a car. If you’re starting off as an apprentice, for example, don’t have a van, and want to look and feel professional, it’s a great go to work bench. ToughBuilt has lived up to its name again and it will be tough going to bring this work bench down.

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