The OX Tuff Rule reviewed by Tibby Singh

The OX Tuff Rule reviewed by Tibby Singh

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh reviews the OX Tuff Rule.

In construction, measuring equipment is a must in any trade, particularly in carpentry and joinery when the rule is to ‘measure twice, cut once’. I got the chance to play around with OX’s new Pro Tuff Rule to see if it really did rule when it comes to measuring.

I was impressed with the size of the rule because when it’s folded up it can fit into your pocket without you noticing that it’s there. When opening the rule, you can feel the quality as it’s operated with premium brass hinges and when fully opened it measures 600mm in length. This is a common measurement for stud and joist spacings which makes it handy for setting out. It’s made from ABS plastic meaning it has many qualities from good balance of impact, heat, chemical and abrasion resistance just to name a few.


The rule is clearly marked every 1mm making it easy to read, plus 50mm highlighted increments for quick measuring and marking. Another feature that is well thought out is that the thickness of the rule is 5mm, when folded up this becomes 10mm, whilst being 45mm wide. Again, these are common measurements, so perfect if you wanted to measure or even mark something quickly without having to open the rule. When you keep looking and playing with the rule you’ll notice new features. Another one that caught my eye was the centre line feature which is ideal for marking screw holes on brackets.

Finally, something that I find handy is the angle finder. Folding rules usually don’t have these, so this is a bonus. In carpentry and joinery, there’s many occasions where you need to measure angles, and this allows you to find angles from 0-180 degree. It doesn’t have a lock but with the swivel hinge it’s been designed so it stays at the angle it’s been set at and doesn’t move easily.

This OX Tool’s product really does rule. Thanks to its extensive range of features, it will will give you the power to undertake so many tasks.

For more information on the Ox Tuff Rule, visit Pro Tuff Rule (

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