The Net Zero Heating Show Podcast proves a hit

The Net Zero Heating Show Podcast proves a hit

Grant UK’s podcast The Net Zero Heating Show is proving a hit, with high listening figures and downloads. The podcast covers low carbon heating solutions, from heat pumps to biofuels, with leading industry experts and engineers and is available in easy-to-follow episodes.

Each episode is hosted by a member of the Grant UK Team who is joined by guests who are all experts in the renewables and sustainable heating sector.

“The Net Zero Heating Show is a really easy way to access information about the move to Net Zero and how it affects installers in real life,” explains Anna Wakefield, Head of Marketing at Grant UK.

“The guests explain how their businesses have adapted with the transition to renewables, the different ways heat pumps can be installed, and biofuels and their part in reducing the carbon footprint of home heating systems. It sets the scene and gives any installer looking at entering the market an insight into what’s involved.”

Whether you are new to renewables, an established oil boiler engineer or an experienced air source heat pump installer, the Net Zero Heating Show has something to offer and is available on the leading podcast platforms as well as via

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