Stelrad explores options to heating in bathrooms

Stelrad explores options to heating in bathrooms

Stelrad Radiators explains how installers can add new options to heating in bathrooms and wetrooms.

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a piping hot shower or bath into an icy cold or inadequately heated bathroom or wet room – and today, with the selection of quality heating that exists for people to choose from, there’s absolutely no need for that to happen.

Twenty years ago or so, there were two options: a standard panel radiator along the lines of those in the rest of the house – assuming it had central heating – or one of the original chrome plated ladder towel rails, which were pretty basic, and great for heating towels, but not up to heating the space around them – leaving the bathroom a little on the chilly side.

Today, some people go for underfloor heating, and others for radiant panel heaters, but the vast majority, given the choice, will always opt for a quality dedicated bathroom or wet room radiator, such as those offered by leading radiator manufacturer Stelrad. They know it will provide the heat required, it will be ‘on’ as part of the heating throughout the house most of the day and, frankly, because today’s specialist bathroom radiators look so good. No longer just functional ‘heat sharers’, they are often very much the focal point of many rooms, with a wide range of sizes and shapes – contemporary, modern and traditional designs that are exactly right for whatever style of home you’re looking to install one in.

The market for specialist bathroom radiators is around the million mark each year, so its far more than an interesting niche market. The growth in demand has allowed manufacturers like Stelrad to give it the attention it deserves and concentrate on this sub-sector of the radiator marketplace, providing a wide selection of designs, colours and finishes, allowing specifiers and homeowners to select radiators for their bathrooms and wet rooms that complement or contrast with the décor – even making the radiator the ‘stand out’ feature of the room.

To paraphrase the famous statement from Henry Ford, it wasn’t so long ago that you could have “any colour of radiator you wanted, so long as it was white”! Well things have changed hugely, particularly in the last two or three years. Before that a coloured radiator was a relatively rare thing but today there are readily available coloured options. If you can wait a few weeks for delivery, Stelrad’s range sees most of their offering available in up to 36 different RAL colours. Last year, in fact, the company became the first in the UK to actually hold some of their best selling coloured radiators in stock, available for delivery in 72 hours. These were mostly a selection of anthracite grey models, which have been really popular, particularly as monochrome bathrooms have come back into fashion and anthracite grey complements chrome brassware perfectly.

“We are offering a comprehensive, stylish collection that genuinely provides the total radiator offering under one roof,”
Chris Harvey – Head of Marketing at Stelrad

Stelrad’s latest release of specialist bathroom, kitchen and living space radiators – marketed under its Boutique branding – features a selection of stainless steel radiators for the first time – with a selection of finishes – polished and brushed stainless steel, and a number of brand new designs that are being warmly received by a wide cross section of purchasers – from homeowners and installers to specifiers of up market hotels and commercial properties. It seems the desire to incorporate designer and decorative radiator options has really caught on and Stelrad’s ‘stats’ for 2019 show the sales of these attractive designer options really beginning to take off.

The manufacturer’s new ‘Boutique’ series offers a comprehensive, premium range of bathroom radiators and towel warmers for installers, designers and specifiers looking for quality products to include in new build and refurbishment projects. This collection offers the marketplace the widest range of styles and by far the largest selection of sizes of specialist decorative and designer bathroom radiators on offer from any manufacturer in the UK.

You’ll find familiar and welcome products in the new Collection – with names such as Caliente, Concord and Column – but equally you’ll find new styles and names such as Como and Lecco – products exclusive to Stelrad, along with Silhouette as well as new additions and designs for established styles like the Concord Side Concept and Concord Side Chrome – and even Concord Chrome Vertical.

To find out more about the new Boutique Collection, visit the new Stelrad website

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