Quickslide’s rules to successfully managing a project

Quickslide’s rules to successfully managing a project

Quickslide’s Ade reveals his golden rules to successfully managing a project.

Sometimes, no matter how well prepared you might be, things go wrong. But following a few golden rules will reduce the odds of a job coming off the rails and setting a project back for weeks.

You might not be able to do much in the event of a meteor shower or volcanic eruption but sticking to this short and simple check list will pretty much eradicate most other potential cock ups:

  • Choose a reputable supplier. And ideally one that allocates a specific manager to your account. This is self-explanatory perhaps. But the importance of using a firm that has a good track record and then having the name of someone that you can go back to in that company, cannot be overstated. And whilst past performance is no guarantee of future success, a firm that’s been around for a few years and with the good financial track record, is likely to be around at least for the length of time of their (and your) product guarantees.
  • Cheap can cost. I am not saying it can’t be done but as a rule, for a supplier to undercut the rest of the pack by a serious margin, something has to give. Just how good is the product quality and delivery for example and what happens if you need the glass remade for example?
  • Know your product. Spend half an hour with your supplier learning about the products and especially the detail. Knowing what you’re talking about will ensure that you can answer your customer’s questions accurately, and help them choose the right solutions for their needs. Ensuring a happy customer…
  • Listen! Providing your customers with the right products in the right place and at the right price begins with listening to their needs, or at what they think their needs are. Hear what they have to say, then respond. You may then also suggest useful and sympathetic upgrades which is good for both of you.
  • Communicate! Set up a schedule of proactive communications such as order confirmed, delivery dates, installation schedule and so forth. And especially any delays! Also, make sure you respond quickly to any customer queries.
  • Make sure the products comply. Don’t just take the supplier’s word for it, make sure the windows, door, roof lights and so forth are fit for purpose and comply with performance requirements under the Building Regs and other rules. Installing non-compliant products can land you in serious legal brown stuff.
  • Put it in writing. ‘He said, you said’, will never settle a dispute. At Quickslide, we only accept enquiries in writing and every transaction is recorded – you should do the same, with your suppliers and especially your customers.
  • Deal with it! What might begin as a minor query or dispute can quickly get out of hand and become a major issue. When things go wrong, dealing with the complaint quickly and positively, will prevent it getting out of control. And often the biggest hurdle is swallowing your pride.

Any more than that – cross your fingers and hope!

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