Quickslide: how to make more profit from installing windows and doors

Quickslide: how to make more profit from installing windows and doors

A little effort and knowledge is all that is needed to make significantly more profit out of the windows and doors you install for your customers. And they will thank you for it too!

There was a time when anyone with a house with brightly painted windows was regarded as a little whacky, perhaps even eccentric. And whilst very few frames that we send out are painted bright pink, almost half of all the windows and doors that we make now are painted or foiled. In other words, this is what homeowners want these days.

Of course, there are always those that just want white, bog standard made-down-to-a-price for everything. But most people like to lavish care and attention on the most important possession they will ever have: their home. And it’s a mistake to underestimate this, especially if by offering them something much more than the basics, they will be happier with what you do for them – and it will increase your profits too!

The costs of installing a standard window are the same as installing one with colour and all the trimmings. So, by learning about the options that your window and door supplier offers, such as colour, hardware, openers, glass…when discussing options with your customers you can make sure that they know all of the choices available to them – and my experience is that they will choose upgrades every time – it’s a no brainer!

Homeowners are back in love with aluminium. A little more expensive perhaps but an increasingly popular option

The point is that your customers are improving their homes and, especially as we are all spending far more of our lives living, working, learning, exercising and entertaining ourselves in our homes, we want them to be the best they can possible be. And it’s the details that count. All extras come with an added benefit, whether it’s aesthetics, enhanced security or improved weather performance and insulation.

Bear in mind that most homeowners you deal with are making a huge investment in the work you are doing for them and the windows and doors are one of the most distinctive parts of that work. They will be constantly operating the doors and windows so as well as the way they look, the way they feel and work is also important. Improved hardware will be nicer to operate as well as providing peace of mind – read satisfaction – because your customers feel better protected.

If your customer lives on a busy road, suggest special sound insulation glass or perhaps even triple glazing; if they are south facing, suggest solar control glass; if they live in a high crime area, suggest laminated; and with glass roofs and roof lights, make sure they choose self-cleaning. And actually, a combination of these benefits is usually possible. Not every window and door supplier can offer a wide range of features or if they do, may not have the information to allow you to learn about them and pass the information on to your customers. Self-education is the key. But a good fabricator will help with advice, marketing collateral and other support if needs be.

The net result is, by ensuring your customer has features and benefits that they will thank you for, you will also make more money. I think that is what is known as a win-win!

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