Purdy’s top products every professional should keep in their tool kit

Purdy’s top products every professional should keep in their tool kit

Laura Hettenbach, Senior Trade Brands Campaign Manager at Purdy explains what to look for when selecting prep tools and the products that every professional should keep in their tool kit.

Preparation is the key to achieving a professional finish – and, as such, when decorating a room as much as 70% of a job can be spent just on prep work. When selecting which tools to use, it is vital that professionals think carefully about their design and usability, as substandard products can make or break the final result. In addition, selecting the right prep tool for the job can make a huge difference to on site efficiency and productivity.


When selecting which prep tools to purchase, the first consideration should always be the durability of the product. One of the most common issues with low-quality prep tools is their susceptibility to rust – especially when they are regularly used over extended periods of time and not dried properly once the job is done. If this occurs, it can reduce their effectiveness and compromise their ability to do the job.

To reduce the risk of rusty tools, leading manufacturers produce stainless steel prep tools. This is because stainless steel includes a high level of chromium and when chromium reacts with oxygen it forms protective layer that prevents corrosion and rust from occurring. Although it is still important to properly dry stainless steel prep tools after use, professionals can trust that they will be long-lasting and deliver the best results.


Using poorly constructed prep tools for heavy-duty applications is a recipe for disaster and can affect a professionals’ ability to achieve a quality finish. For the best results, look out for prep tools that have a long tang – which is the part of the blade that connects to the handle. If the tang is too short, the blade may come loose, bend, or in a worse case scenario the tool may break apart completely, rendering it useless. However, choosing products with a full-length tang that spans the whole length of the tool will guarantee improved strength and stability – even when used for heavy-duty applications.

When choosing a prep tool, it is also recommended to consider its end use to ensure that the product selected is up to the task. For instance, choosing a carbide scraper that has been specially designed for more aggressive scraping will result in safer and more efficient functionality.


Finally, a prep tool that is durable and well-constructed is worthless if it is difficult or uncomfortable to use. Leading manufacturers have designed prep tools with the end use (and user) in mind. For instance, tools with a rubberised grip and tapered handles are easier to hold and help to prevent fatigue and maximise control – which subsequently improves safety on-site as the tool is easier to hold and less likely to slip while in use.

Tools Kit Necessities


A versatile addition to any tool kit, multi-tools can be used to complete a number of tasks on a typical job site. They come in a number of variations and incorporate several tools into a single unit that is easy to carry around. For instance, the Purdy 10-in-1 Multi-Tool can be used as a flat or Philips-head screwdriver, to set and pull nails, open cans and packages, and spread compound. Always look for models that feature a rubberised ergonomic grip and long tang for enhanced comfort and stability. 

Carbide Scraper

For removing paint from woodwork, scraping glue, or scouring stone, brick or plaster, a carbide scraper is the best choice. There are numerous products available on the market, however the most effective carbide scrapers feature a strong bolt that attaches the blade to the handle. This offers increased stability so that users can put their full force into scraping without worrying that the blade will come loose. With the Purdy Four Edge Carbide Scraper, users also benefit from a choice of four blades – two for aggressive scraping and two for finishing so they can use it across numerous tasks for maximum efficiency.

Putty Knife

A putty knife is a useful tool to keep close at hand as it is designed for applying filler and compound and can also be used for scraping paint from surfaces. Available in both flexible and stiff variations and a range of sizes, the Purdy putty knives are designed to withstand tough applications. They are manufactured from stainless steel and feature a full-length tang making them a strong and durable prep tool suitable for professional use.

Choosing high-quality prep tools from Purdy will help professionals to improve their on-site efficiency and productivity – and will ultimately lead to a better end result for the customer. For more information about Purdy and its extensive range of prep tools visit: www.purdy.co.uk


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