NEW Surface Sanitiser Spray from Bostik

NEW Surface Sanitiser Spray from Bostik

Bostik has launched a new Surface Sanitiser Spray that’s specially formulated to kill 99.9% of bacteria in industrial and commercial environments.

Containing 80% alcohol, the fast drying formula complies with sanitiser standards EN1276, EN14476 and EN1650*.

Covering up to 14m2, the 400ml aerosol is quick and easy to apply across large areas using the portable spray canister, and dries in just 5 minutes.

Alcohol-based sanitisers have been found to be effective at combating many types of bacteria and enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses, influenza, SARS and hepatitis.

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*EN1276 – bactericidal, 5 minutes, clean conditions; EN14476 – virucidal activity against vaccina virus and feline coronavirus, 5 minutes, clean conditions; EN1650 – yeasticidal, 5 minutes, clean conditions.

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