Mixergy iHP X: The hot water solution for sustainable homes

Mixergy iHP X: The hot water solution for sustainable homes

 The Mixergy iHP X is an integrated heat pump cylinder that leverages Mixergy’s patented adaptive water heating technology.

This product offers a cost-effective and convenient solution for housebuilders and developers aiming to meet the Future Homes Standard. It enhances the appeal of new homes, providing a smart hot water solution to buyers who are increasingly concerned about rising energy bills and their carbon footprint. 

According to the manufacturer, it is three times more efficient and can save upwards of five tonnes of carbon per unit, compared to a conventional cylinder. It is also described as ‘best in class’ for energy performance because the plate heat exchanger inside the heat pump unit achieves exceptional heat transfer. Unlike traditional integrated heat pump cylinders that heat water from the bottom up, the iHP X heats from the top down, delivering usable hot water in under 30 minutes. This allows the unit to be up to a third smaller, making it easier to position and install in homes. 

One of the significant advantages of the unit is its modular design. The heat pump and cylinder components can be separated to make the system lighter and easier to transport, install, and maintain. Each part is accessible, supporting the ‘right to repair’ ethos by allowing for individual servicing and replacement. This design extends the product’s lifecycle and allow for substantial warranties25 years for the cylinder and five years for the heat pump unit. 

Control and optimisation is simplified through the Mixergy app, which allows users to programme the unit to take advantage of smart electricity tariffs and to integrate with solar PV systems for using free electricity. The system’s flexibility and compatibility with various energy sources make it an ideal solution for sustainable living. 

A practical example of the technology in action is the renovation undertaken by Laurence Haslop, managing director of Cambridge housebuilder and developer Develory. Haslop has transformed a 1970s bungalow, which originally had oil central heating, into a modern, efficient home. He chose the Mixergy iHP X for its efficiency and ease of integration with other sustainable technologies, such as infrared electric heating, solar PV, and planned battery storage. 

Haslop, who has a strong background of utilising innovative technologies, found the Mixergy cylinder efficient and easy to install. Even without prior experience of the product, the installation was straightforward: We installed the integrated heat pump cylinder in a cupboard downstairs, but because it’s modular, it could have easily been located upstairs. The installation only took a day – with more experience, I’m sure we could install it even quicker. 

Heating engineers only need their G3 Unvented certificate. As the refrigerant is pre-gassed and completely sealed within the heat pump module, F-gas certification is not required, opening up the skill base for who can install this product.  

Haslop continues: Develory is focused on providing the latest sustainable technologies that do not compromise the durability of a building. What differentiates us is innovation and how we can add technology to a home or commercial building while making it good value and robust. Every scenario is different and needs to be considered individually. There is never a one size fits all solution. We use the materials and the technologies available to us as a tool to build the best solutions for the clients needs. 

The performance aligns well with the needs of small flats and larger houses alike, especially those aiming for the most sustainable solutions. The ability to heat water quickly and efficiently, combined with compatibility with smart tariffs and solar panels, makes it a really versatile choice. The householder can control how much water to heat based on their needs, optimising energy use and costs.  

Another important consideration was noise. The iHP X was installed in a cupboard that didn’t require soundproofing and has a standard single layered door. Haslop says: “It’s very quiet – which works for us!”. 

The system’s ducting was designed to ensure optimal performance, with air in and air out ducts terminating on different sides of the building while ensuring the runs are not unnecessarily long or complicated, to achieve the highest Coefficient of Performance (CoP) of up to 3.4. 

We have used technologies in this house that our company wants to test and learn from before installing in our clients’ developments. The Mixergy iHP X is a promising solution and we are happy that it will fit in various scenarios, depending on what we want to do with it, and I would recommend it to other housebuilders. I am excited to see how the product develops!” he concludes. 

To learn more about how Mixergy technology can improve the energy performance of new builds, visit www.mixergy.co.uk/mixergy-ihp/

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