Mirka UK discusses its key milestones

Mirka UK discusses its key milestones

Chris Proffit, business sector manager, construction and decoration, Mirka UK discusses the manufacturer’s evolving tool portfolio and some key milestones.  

Take a look at any building site up and down the country and you will see a plethora of tools of various shapes and sizes that do a multitude of jobs. As the industry continues to evolve so must the tools. This is where a business such as Mirka has an important role to play.

The fact that tools are workhorses on site is not going to change. However, they will evolve to meet the constantly growing demands of the user and the industry. At Mirka, the way we ensure we are at the cutting edge of tooling technology is simple; it is through communication.

Our team of technical experts is constantly talking to customers to understand their needs and requirements, which is then fed back to the R&D team in Jeppo, Finland. This constant flow of information combined with ongoing investment in R&D has led to significant developments when it comes to the tools Mirka produces and their ability to deliver an efficient overall process and a high-quality finish on a variety of surfaces. 

When it comes to the tooling milestones for the business there are three that particularly stand out.  

The first is the Mirka DEROS (pictured above). This tool, which was introduced in 2013, was the world’s lightest electric sanding machine in its class and still is in 2023. The DEROS then evolved in 2015 with the introduction of the DEROS 110v, which met a gap in the market to address users’ requirements on building sites. This tool continues to deliver rapid, economical, consistently powerful performance, while enabling users to plug it into a 110v power supply allowing them to meet site regulations. 

Orbital sander

The second is the Mirka DEOS which came on the market in 2017 and still is the only electric orbital sander that has been optimised for net abrasives by incorporating more than 45 holes in the pad. In addition, when combined with our net and paper abrasives, it offers an excellent scratch pattern and a dust-free work environment, which is something both users and customers love.      

The third and most recent tooling milestone is the Mirka LEROS. This tool has been designed with the user at the forefront of the design process. The sanding head has a 180° flexibility and a 5mm random orbital movement, making it extremely user friendly. The flexible and practical design gives unmatched advantages, such as ergonomic working positions and less strain on the operator’s body and back. At less than 3.5 kg, the operator can sand for longer periods without fatigue. 

Finally, to complement the tooling evolution, there has been significant development when it comes to the abrasives and it is being led by Abranet, which was pioneered in 2001 and is still a firm favourite today. This abrasive has an open, symmetrical net structure with integrated loops, which allows for maximum cutting speed and consistent performance across a variety of surfaces while delivering a dust-free sanding experience when used in conjunction with a Mirka sanding system. 

For further information on the range of tools available from Mirka visit Mirka Ltd: Abrasives, Sanding Tools & Polishing… – Mirka.

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