Makita’s top products tradespeople need during winter

Makita’s top products tradespeople need during winter

In the next instalment of our Toolbox series with Makita, the team will be looking at the products that all tradespeople need during the winter months.


Regardless of the trade you work in, the winter months often bring with them the challenge of working with reduced light and darkness. However, with the correct kit professionals needn’t worry. Makita has several lighting solutions available in its range, many of which can be powered by LXT battery, or by mains power, making working in dark conditions so much easier during the winter. For those working outdoors, products like the 18V DML811 and DML809 LXT Site Lights are ideal. These are dust and water-resistant (IP65 rated) so they can handle tough job site conditions and unpredictable weather. Both models also have three brightness settings so professionals can adjust the output to suit the brightness needed for the task at hand.

The DML811 delivers up to 3,000lm of light (at full brightness) and up to 13.0 hours of continuous illumination when powered with a 6.0Ah 18V LXT battery on the low setting. In addition, the DML809 operates with 96 luminous daylight white LEDs for maximum visibility and offers up to 10,000lm on its highest setting and will run for 8.5 hours when operated with two 6.0Ah 18V LXT batteries on the lowest setting.

To ensure maximum flexibility and make sure the work area is effectively lit, the DML811 and DML809 can be positioned at any angle up to 240°. It can also be mounted on the sturdy GM00002073 Tripod Light Stand that telescopes up to 76” and allows for easy 360° rotation of the light to ensure the work area is well lit.

In addition, the DML810 LXT 18V Self Righting Site Light is ideal for work areas with uneven surfaces, or busy work sites where the light may be easily knocked. It delivers luminous power of between 1,500lm to 5,500lm and will illuminate for up to 18.0 hours. What’s more, it is also IP54 certified as dust and water-resistant.

To keep professionals working disruption free for longer, the DML810 can fit two LXT 18V batteries – but only uses one battery at a time to power the product. This means that when the first battery runs out of charge, the second will automatically take over, doubling the run time.

Even better still, for large sites the DML810 can be connected to up to eight other units when powered via a mains supply, creating a “daisy chain” formation.

For smaller work areas, products like the 18V LXT DML812 LED flashlight are often a more suitable solution as they can be easily carried around site and used to quickly illuminate spaces, such as inside the boiler cupboard, or to view exposed pipework. The DML812 has an adjustable head that can be positioned at any angle up to 90° and four lighting settlings to suit a variety of tasks – flood (up to 1,000lm and 7.5 hours run time), spot (up to 600lm and 10.0 hours run time), spot and flood (up to 1,250lm and 6.0 hours run time) and strobe. It also features a bracket hook so users can safely hang the DML812 from joists, pipes or scaffolding.


Another issue that many might encounter during the winter months is flooding. In fact, according to government statistics, one in six properties in England are at risk of flooding. With recent winters bringing heavy storms and wet conditions, it is vital that tradespeople are prepared with a reliable solution at hand, such as Makita’s PF1010 240L Submersible Drainage Pump or PF1110 250L Submersible Drainage Pump.

The PF1010 is ideal for draining muddy, contaminated water from cellars, basins and garden lakes. It has a delivery volume of 240litres per minute, minimum suction level of 40mm and a submersion depth of up to 5m.

Alternatively, the PF1110 is perfect for dewatering bigger swimming pools, rain basins and flooded cellars and offers a delivery volume of 250litres per minute, minimum suction level of 50mm and a submersion depth of up to 5m.

Both the PF1010 and PF1110 can effectively remove particles up to 35mm, making them ideal for almost any project.



Finally, in its range, Makita also has a wide selection of personal items ideal for winter, including the DCV202Z 18V Heated Vest, DCM501Z Cordless Coffee Maker and DCW180Z Cooler/Warmer Box that can make working in winter easier – and much warmer.

All three machines can be powered using Makita’s 18V LXT batteries which means that professionals can stay within the LXT system to power their cordless power tools, garden machinery products and personal items. As such, only one charger is needed on site.


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