Makita’s top products for landscaping work

Makita’s top products for landscaping work

In the next instalment of Makita’s Toolbox series, the team reveal the products that professionals need to keep close at hand when embarking on landscaping work.


For professionals working on landscaping projects, a mitre saw is an incredibly handy tool to have. Machines like the DLS211ZU 305mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw are incredibly versatile and can be used for making precise, angled cuts – which is ideal for sizing decking, posts and sleepers.

When working outdoors, it is important to choose machines that offer maximum flexibility and enable you to move around the work area freely. Cordless models like the DLS211ZU improve operator safety, as users are not constrained by the power lead. Operators can position themselves in a way that makes the work easier and safer, whilst also eliminating trip hazards from trailing cables. The DLS211ZU is powered by Makita’s Twin 18V (36V) LXT technology and can deliver the power, speed and run time needed to tackle a wide range of tasks effortlessly.

The machine has been designed to minimise dust inhalation through an Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS), enabling it to be connected to a compatible dust extractor via Bluetooth – or operators can use wireless adaptors (191A40-6 for 110v or 199804-6 for 240v extractors) to connect any Bluetooth tool to any extractor. Once connected, the dust extractor will automatically run when the unit is in use – and when the tool is switched off, the extractor will stop. In addition, dust can be collected from behind the fence and behind the blade, making dust collection even more efficient.

For convenience, there’s a forward rail design resulting in a smoother cutting motion, and the saw can be bench mounted against a wall (as the travel of this model is not restricted because of the forward rail design). As the bevel lock is located on the front handle, bevel adjustment is easier and quicker. Automatic Torque Drive Technology means that blade speed and torque are automatically adjusted depending on the load conditions. The built-in laser guide also helps to ensure that cuts are accurate.

When choosing cordless power tools, it is worth checking the type of motor included. With a brushless ‘BL’ model like the DLS211ZU, users can experience extended run times of between 30 and 50 per cent on each battery charge. This is because there are no brushes within the motor causing friction, so no energy is lost through heat production. Brushless tools also produce more torque per weight, which means less power is required to achieve the same result. No friction also means that there is minimal wear and tear on the motor and the need for replacement parts is reduced.

If you want to watch a video of the Makita DLS211ZU Mitre Saw in action then click here:

Another tool worth keeping in the van for landscaping work is a disc cutter. Makita stocks a wide range of both petrol engine and cordless machines that are suitable for use across a number of tasks. For example, the DCE090 (230mm) cordless disc cutter is ideal for cutting tiles, slate and coping stones.

Powered by Twin 18V (36V) LXT technology, it delivers the high power that you would expect from a petrol engine product, but with the added safety features and ease of use of cordless. The product can also be connected to a water supply kit to suppress airborne dust while cutting materials.

To view the DCE090 Makita Cordless Disc Cutter in use visit

With Makita’s LXT range of cordless products it is easy to change between tasks and equipment. With over 270 LXT products to choose from, professionals can run machines across Makita’s portfolio of cordless power tools, garden machinery for soft landscaping and personal items using the same batteries, maximising efficiency.

Your toolbox checklist:

  1. Mitre saw – ideal for cutting wooden materials such as decking, posts and sleepers and creating precise cuts for the perfect fit.
  2. Disc cutter – useful for cutting hard materials such as blocks, paving, tiles and slate.
  3. Angle grinder – for cutting materials such as masonry and metal. Makita’s extensive range means users can find a model to suit any task.
  4. SDS-MAX demolition hammer – for removing existing garden walls, fence posts and smaller foundations.
  5. Circular saw – Makita’s full range of cordless machines ensures there is a solution for all materials within landscaping – including trellis, edging, fence posts and sleepers.
  6. Combi and impact driver – Makita offers a range of two piece kits for landscaping applications.


The WST07 lightweight folding mitre saw stand is fantastic for making cuts quickly and accurately. The WST07 is compatible with the range of Makita slide compound saws and mitre saws, including the DLS211ZU. It has a maximum extension length of 3,830mm and adjustable extension arms (both left and right), meaning it can be easily altered for each individual task. It can also support up to 225kg in weight.

To ensure ease of use, the WST07 includes tool-less adjustable mitre saw bracket levers, so operators can effortlessly install, adjust and remove the saw from the stand. The sliding rail design also makes it easy to position the mitre saw at the desired angle. The WST07 includes an adjustable levelling foot, to ensure even stability when working on uneven floor surfaces, which is ideal when working outdoors. It is easy to manoeuvre around site and transport between jobs using the carry handles or castors.

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