Makita’s must have products for joiners

Makita’s must have products for joiners

In the next instalment of Makita’s Toolbox series, we caught up with the team to find out more about the must have products for joiners.

Makita believes that quality workmanship deserves quality tools that will help to deliver top results every time. For any joiners, having an array of the correct machines to hand is key to ensure work is completed quickly, efficiently and safely.


An essential tool for any kit bag is the plunge saw. Designed for making extremely precise and clean cuts (ideally using a guide rail), plunge saws can be used for a wide range of tasks. They offer a cleaner and finer cut than a circular saw, with no splintering and the ability to start cutting anywhere in the material – so they can make quick cuts in a variety of work pieces a swift and simple task. For example, they can be used for cutting out a worktop for a sink, where contractors need to cut from a central point rather than from an external edge. Cordless plunge saws are ideal, offering the increased flexibility needed to position the tool in a way that makes work easier and safer as well as removing the health and safety hazards from trailing cables.

The DSP600 Twin 18V brushless plunge saw offers the power, speed and run-time needed to tackle even bigger jobs effortlessly, cut after cut. This 36V machine can deliver a no-load blade speed of up to 6,300rpm, maximising user productivity. The bevel can be adjusted at an angle from -1° to 48° and the machine has cutting capacities of up to 40mm depending on the angle. To increase precision further, the DSP600 has been designed with a large depth scale that allows the user to easily set the blade depth. To ensure user safety, the DSP600 includes an electric brake, that quickly stops the blade from rotating when the trigger is released.

The DSP600 also includes the manufacturer’s Automatic Torque Drive technology (ADT), which automatically changes the cutting speed and torque according to the load conditions, thereby ensuring the machine is operating at optimum efficiency during each cut. Further to this, the inclusion of a brushless motor means run time and durability are increased. As there are no moving parts in the motor causing friction, no energy is lost through heat production and ongoing maintenance costs are minimised.


Another tool to include in your armoury is the DKP181 18V brushless 82mm planer. The combination of Makita’s innovative LXT battery technology and brushless motor means that this machine can deliver high power equivalent to corded machines – but with the added benefits of cordless. It has a no-load speed of 12,000rpm, a maximum cutting depth of 3mm per pass and rebate depth of 25mm, making light work of any task.

The DKP181 has three chamfering grooves, that can be easily aligned with the edge of the workpiece to create different groove dimensions. To ensure top results, there is a foot on the base plate that protects the material from scratches and damage. The DKP181 also benefits from ADT.

It is important to make sure that measures are taken to reduce the amount of inhalable dust produced during operation. With the DKP181, this is easy when fitted with an AWS chip. Makita’s Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) connects the cordless tool to a compatible dust extractor via Bluetooth, so that when the tool is powered on, the extractor automatically starts – and when the tool is shut down, the extractor stops.


Finally, consider adding the DRT50 cordless router trimmer to your kit for cutting, trimming and shaping material and creating smooth edges across a full range of applications. For ease of use, the lightweight DRT50 includes soft start to give the user optimum control as soon as the machine is powered on. To aid precision, the DRT50 has a LED job light for maximum visibility of the workpiece and a convenient depth adjustment system.

The DRT50 also benefits from constant speed control that keeps output consistent regardless of the load conditions. This machine can deliver a no-load speed of up to 30,000 rpm – and there are four DRT50 models available from the basic trimmer through to those with additional interchangeable router trimmer bases – making it suitable for more demanding applications.

Your toolbox checklist:

  1. Plunge saw – ideal for making a wide range of accurate cuts. With a selection of cordless and corded models in the Makita range, there is a machine to suit every application.
  2. Planer – perfect for creating smooth, even surfaces and delivering a quality end result.
  3. Router / Trimmer – for cutting, trimming and shaping material, and creating smooth edges.
  4. Mitre saw – ideal for cutting timber materials and creating precise cuts.
  5. Gas nailer – great for achieving high-speed, consistent and strong fixing.

Accessories to suit the above core range:

When using plunge saws, Makita recommends using a guide rail to enhance user safety and cutting precision with minimal tear-out. For easy transportation and storage and to protect the guide rail from knocks and scrapes, there’s a wide range of guide rail holders available – like the E-05664 that is designed to hold up to two guide rails, as well as connectors and brackets.

Makita also has a comprehensive range of specialised blades, suitable for a wide selection of materials and saws. For example, Efficut blades have been designed with efficiency and operator productivity in mind and allow you to make cuts 2.5 times faster than standard – and with cordless machines, they facilitate longer runtimes. These are suitable for use across a wide range of applications and are available in a number of diameters and tooth configurations to suit either wood or metal cutting.

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