Installing Wundatherm underfloor heating

Installing Wundatherm underfloor heating

Compatible with heat pumps, solar panels or any existing gas/oil boilers, the Wundatherm underfloor heating system can be laid by any competent tradesmen, including builders, carpenters and tilers.

PW Heating and Plumbing Engineers is a loyal customer to Wunda Group and have been servicing the South Wales area for more than 20 years. A supplier and installer of commercial and domestic heating and plumbing systems, Managing Director Patrick Whitehouse reveals why when it comes to underfloor heating he won’t go anywhere else.

After starting in the trade aged 16 as an apprentice, Patrick now runs his own business in gas plumbing and heating.

PW has used Wunda as its supplier of underfloor heating for around 10 years. “I find the technical side is very good and if you pick up the phone someone is always there to give you an answer and, of course, the products are good quality,” says Patrick, “and I think the most important thing for everybody in the trade is that it is the right price. The next day delivery is an added bonus.”

“I found out about Wunda through doing a lot of work in the area, speaking with a friend who had used them and after speaking with a local installer. I was then led to more people who use Wunda, including a very close friend who is also a heating engineer. There is also lots of positive feedback on a few industry Facebook pages and they are one of the bigger players in the industry.”

He continued: “Over the years, we’ve installed underfloor heating from scratch in new builds and renovations and we’ve used Wunda’s overlay system, and pretty much every product they supply, as it’s simple to fit and is always evolving. I have found that the overlay system is really popular at the moment, as it is ideal for conservatories and newer houses where people are looking to take their radiators out and put underfloor heating in without too much disruption. There have always been reservations with underfloor heating as people are concerned about how much mess it creates, or that it’s going to be too expensive to fit because you have to dig the floors up, but you don’t need to worry about any of that with Wundatherm and that’s why it is a really good alternative to radiators.”

But it isn’t just the product that Patrick likes. “Wunda provides a really good service, including support on a Saturday, which many of the big players don’t.” He says: “If there is a problem on a Friday night, or a Saturday morning, then with many underfloor heating companies there is no help available, but Wunda cares a lot about the customer service side, and when I phone in I get to speak to the same people, and get a dedicated account manager, and that matters to me when I’ve got to place an order.”

“When placing an order, plans and drawings are provided and I never have a problem if I stick to the diagram, especially as the drawings are so detailed. I wouldn’t swap to another supplier now, lots of people in the industry like to try out new products but when I find a good product that is always developing I don’t need to go anywhere else.”

The company’s new Rapid Response Wundatherm system is, according to its makers, easy to install and durable, with no mess or drying time. The lightweight low profile boards are just 16 or 20mm thick, heat up in minutes and are suitable for any floor finish, including carpet, vinyl, Karndean, Amtico, laminate, wood, ceramic and stone tiles. Once installed, floor heating pipe is laid into the pre-formed grooves in the boards, and the system is ready for immediate use.

The manufacturer provides free technical support six days a week, and a specialist service of detailed layout plans for all bespoke systems free of charge to trade customers. With these layout plans to hand, tradesmen can have complete confidence in laying the boards and installing the system.


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