How the trades can upsell doorsets

How the trades can upsell doorsets

Paul Atkinson, sales and commercial director for Yale, discusses ideas to develop new work.

 The security considerations when buying new doors and windows are often taken as a given. However, enhanced security guarantees, new product developments and household brand engendering trust offer an often untapped competitive advantage for the trades.

According to the crime statistics, with the earlier onset of night time, and darker evenings offering greater cover, opportunist thieves ramp up activity during the winter months. With this in mind, there has never been a better time to feature the security aspect of doors and windows in the retail sales presentation, encouraging customers to consider security in their buying needs, building on a higher specification for a higher margin. 

Back to basics

In many cases, security may be some way down the priority list of requirements for customers considering new doors and windows, perhaps after aesthetics and price. However, many homeowners underestimate the importance of sufficient door and window security, taking it as a given that their new windows and doors meet the latest standards, despite reports that seven homes a minute were burgled across the UK last year.

It’s important to ensure homeowners understand that not all windows and doors are made equal and how providing protection against common methods of attack can offer tradespeople an ideal opportunity to upsell.

Cylinder snapping is one of the main methods of entry for burglars, as it requires little to no experience or skill. In response to attacks, builders should be promoting doorsets that meet the TS007 standard – developed in conjunction with the Door and Hardware Federation.

Under the TS007 three-star system, the cylinder, or a combination of the cylinder and security furniture, must have an accumulative three stars to meet the minimum-security requirements.

To achieve the highest TS007 3 Star accreditation the Yale Platinum 3 Star cylinder has been independently tested by BSI (British Standards Institution), against known cylinder attack methods. The benefit of the three-star accreditation means no additional security door furniture is necessary to achieve the highest level.

In addition, the Yale 3 star cylinder has also been tested to meet the MLA SS312 Diamond standard and it is also Secured by Design approved – meaning it could save homeowners money when it comes to renewing their insurance premiums.

Yale is also offering a £1,000 guarantee in the unlikely event that its Platinum 3 Star cylinder is snapped under attack due to a forced break-in. This guarantee provides ultimate peace of mind to homeowners, offering a translatable selling feature to tradespeople.

Yale Conexis smart lock

Smart security

As the smart market develops, homeowners are looking to extend their smart ecosystems by investing in security devices that can be integrated with their voice-activated speakers, or simply controlled remotely via a smartphone.

However, consumers still often want a trade professional to install devices for them, with 40 per cent preferring professional installation and a third opting for a mix of professional and DIY.

The Conexis L1 Smart Lock from Yale allows users to configure, control and unlock their door all from their smartphone. This offers trade professionals an easy entry point into the smart home market, enabling them to capitalise on a different revenue stream with the reassurance of a household brand.

Yale Security Guarantee

The Yale Lifetime Security guarantee offers simple, easy to translate security reassurance for consumers on doors and windows that are fabricated with Yale hardware to PAS 24:2016 specification.

Rather than get into the technicalities of the hardware specification during the retail sale, the mere mention of a Yale Security Guarantee will often be enough to reassure the customer that security is covered. Indeed, this may position the whole window or door as a more premium end proposition.

To back this guarantee, Yale offer up to £1,000 towards home insurance excess, up to £1,000 towards repairs or replacements, £1,000 compensation, up to £250 refund on call-out fees and 10 per cent off all security products at Trade professionals have no admin or additional costs as everything is managed by Yale, who also supply point of sale literature and guarantee certificates.

With 98 per cent brand recognition, Yale is heralded as the leading home security brand throughout the UK. Tradespeople can benefit from this by providing assurance to their consumers that one of the key components of their door or window design – security – is in tried and tested hands.

By working collaboratively with manufacturers and suppliers, trade professionals can help to ensure that homeowners across the UK are prepared for the winter months with the necessary security upgrades to offer protection from any opportunist criminal.




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