HiKOKI Power Tool’s game changing 36V M3612DA Cordless Plunge Router

HiKOKI Power Tool’s game changing 36V M3612DA Cordless Plunge Router

Forget being tethered to a workstation or requiring power on the job site as HiKOKI Power Tools has scored another ‘world first’ with the 36V M3612DA Cordless Router, one of the first ½” cordless routers and a powerhouse of cutting speed and endurance, tailored for professionals who demand excellence.

The award winning HiKOKI 36V M3612DA is robust, lightweight and built to last. Its strong 36V brushless motor offers not just power but the finesse of variable speed control, adapting seamlessly to different materials. It routes up to 46 feet per minute and accepts 6, 8 and 12 mm collets for the use of all common routing bits and has a plunge depth of 50mm. The ergonomic handle guarantees precision, while the 2-step lever design allows temporary locking for depth adjustment. Safety is paramount, with a motor brake adding an extra layer of protection. 

With its powerful and highly efficient brushless motor technology and variable speed control, this router is perfect for a wide range of applications. Couple this versatile router with HiKOKI’s Multi Volt batteries and they provide and sustain mains-like power with all the freedom and convenience that goes with being portable.   

Weighing in at just 3.8kg, the HiKOKI Cordless Router comes with a great kit of accessories including two batteries, a charger, a stackable case HSC IV, 6, 8, and 12 mm collets, a template guide, a parallel guide, a dust extraction adapter and a wrench. This router is also equipped with a bright LED light designed to allow work to be done even in the darkest of places such as a dimly lit jobsite. Keep the job clean by easily connecting a vacuum to the included dust collection port. 

The HiKOKI 36V M3612DA is covered by HiKOKI’s three year Heavy Duty Warranty, which can be extended to five years once registered on the HiKOKI website, within four weeks of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.   

For more details visit www.hikoki-powertools.co.uk or check out: Win! Over £1,000 Worth of HiKOKI Power Tools – Professional Builder (probuildermag.co.uk)

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