“Don’t you need a professional for that?”

“Don’t you need a professional for that?”

The tasks you should and shouldn’t tackle as an amateur

There’s no doubt that undertaking a bit of DIY can save you money, as the millions of Brits who have gotten hands-on around their home can confirm. However, botched DIY projects can cost do-it-yourselfers thousands to remedy. They can also cause injury, with over 4.8k people getting admitted to hospital after accidents involving drills and power tools and a further 7k having fallen off ladders.

The trade experts at Dickies Workwear are in a bid to help hapless Brits avoid any disastrous, but avoidable, mistakes. They have looked at the most common tasks that the public are most likely to get stuck into this year, and which ones they should call a pro in for.

In reality, although most people think they can do any tasks around the home, there are only certain aspects of renovations and home maintenance that the public are most confident with.

The percentage of people who feel comfortable with certain home renovation tasks include:

  • Painting and decoration: 85%
  • Assembling and installing furniture: 82%
  • Carpentry and basic woodwork: 41%
  • Plumbing: 25%
  • Electrical work: 25%
  • Building work: 17%

When should you be calling a professional?

We all know one person who will refuse to call in a professional unless they’ve tried the task themselves. While this might save money in the short run, it could end up being costly in the future, as well as a safety risk. In fact, tasks that could result in the building structure becoming compromised or hazardous should always be conducted by someone with more experience.

“One of the biggest decisions you can make before carrying out any renovations or maintenance projects is questioning whether you should do it yourself or hire a professional”, explains Mark Tapper from Dickies Workwear.

“Deciding whether to start a DIY project shouldn’t be taken lightly – although any amateur can perform jobs around their homes, you should never start a task that you don’t feel completely comfortable and safe with completing.”

A full list of projects that you should consider hiring a professional for, and those you can do as an amateur, can be found on the Dickies Workwear blog here.

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