Creating plumbing projects that make a lasting impression

Creating plumbing projects that make a lasting impression

Andrew Scanlon, application manager at Sika Everbuild outlines the options that can help you create plumbing projects that make a lasting impression.

Complex bathroom fit-outs and even simpler repair projects need to be completed with precision to make sure the job ends with a happy customer – but with tradespeople needing to catch-up on work that might have been delayed due to the pandemic, plumbers may need to consider ways of working more efficiently without cutting corners.

Despite the government’s guidance that tradespeople can continue to work in private homes, some homeowners may have been putting off trickier projects until restrictions ease – with that easing now on the horizon, it’s likely that projects will start to pick up.

Even now, an ability to work efficiently will mean that tradespeople can take on more work and also give customer the added reassurance of being in and out in a shorter timeframe – better for the homeowner, and more profitable for tradespeople too.

Time is of the essence

While no plumber wants to cut corners, an awareness of specialist products that can speed jobs along provides a definite advantage, without impacting on the customer’s satisfaction. Multi-functional products may previously have had a reputation of falling short when compared to specialist products that do just one job, but in fact choosing a high-quality hybrid that can handle more than one task means carrying less kit and finishing faster.

For example, Everbuild’s EB25 offers the advantages of a sealant and adhesive in one, meaning it can be used for several bathroom jobs without switching products or applicators. Hybrid options like EB25 can be used for sealing baths, showers, and sinks, as well as for tasks that would traditionally need a different specialist adhesive product – such as bonding mirrors, or even decorative shower panels, as the product adheres equally well to different materials, including wood, glass, and metal. The unique polymer blend means that it has superior flexibility and excellent bond strength, and the products waterproof properties make it ideal for bathrooms.

Selecting a hybrid product that performs equally well as an adhesive and sealant means bathroom fitters can work more quickly, and within a controlled budget, whilst still offering a tidy and precise finish that any customer would be happy with. Multi-functional products like this also give an advantage to general tradespeople, who might be sealing a shower one day and sealing cracks and gaps in brickwork the next. EB25 can handle all manner of sealing and bonding work, inside and out, so it’s a fantastic flexible option for all professional tradespeople.

Alternatively, if you’re simply sealing around sanitaryware in a bathroom, it may be that a flexible silicone product is the right choice. Products such as Everflex Premium+ 500 Bath & Sanitary Silicone are designed specifically for use in high-humidity rooms like bathrooms – commercial or domestic – and offers excellent lasting performance thanks to its waterproof properties. Products like this are quick-curing so won’t pick up dirt and provide a waterproof seal whilst being permanently flexible.

No returns necessary

One factor that’s guaranteed to give customer satisfaction is not having to return to the job and redo any of the finishing work: that means choosing a product that will continue to perform well long after you’ve shut the door behind you.

One essential matter for high-moisture areas like bathrooms is avoiding the growth of mould or mildew. Even well-ventilated bathrooms can develop unsightly spots if the wrong sealant is used, so it’s important to check the performance of the products you use. Make sure whatever sealant you choose lists ‘resistance to mould’ on the packaging – like Everbuild’s Forever White sealant – and look out for options that can withstand chemicals so that they will not be damaged by cleaning products over time.

Several sealants offer colour options, so when a customer has selected a particular colour, it’s worth checking reviews and performance in this area too – you don’t want a product that will fade or discolour with age, which can be a common problem in high-moisture rooms. In particular, where an ‘invisible’ finish is desired, make sure that the clear sealant you choose won’t go cloudy over time – your customers will be after a lasting effect.

Doing your research into the right products means that as well as finishing projects on time and within budget, you’ll leave a lasting good impression – and be ready for the next job.

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